Board of Directors, Committees, & Volunteer Positions

Your PTSC Board is here to support our members and coaches. They are working hard on all the details behind the scenes and are here to help and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact them.

Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Members can click here to view the dates, agendas, and minutes (requires member login).

Board Members

(elected officials)

President Kristi Piatek (Interim)
Vice President of Membership Kristi Piatek [email protected]
Secretary Keith Stetor [email protected]
Treasurer Scott Bauer [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Meredith Liddle [email protected]
Safety Coordinator Ian W. Parker [email protected]
Member at Large Melissa Tucker [email protected]
Member at Large Kristine Wilhelm [email protected]
Member at Large John Brouzakis [email protected]
President Emeritus

Committees & Volunteer Positions

AMS Officials

Kristi Piatek
Denise Rodriguez
Jackie Khanolkar

AMS Representatives Sam Zinn [email protected]
Awards & Ribbons Patty Galloway [email protected]
Billing Administrator Brittany Tate [email protected]
Fundraising Committee

Scott Bauer*

Chelsea Heisler

[email protected]
RaiseRight Jessica McChesney [email protected]
Learn-to-Swim Sheena Broering [email protected]
Records Board Lesa Parker [email protected]
Spirit Wear Committee Melissa Tucker* [email protected]
Social Events Committee Kristine Wilhelm* [email protected]
Annual Banquet Denise Grant [email protected]
Webmaster Ian W. Parker [email protected]
Meets Committee

Kristi Piatek
Amy Stetor
Keith Stetor*
Lesa Parker
Ian W. Parker

[email protected]
Team Travel Committee

Chelsea Heisler

[email protected]
Team Pictures VACANT  
Nominating Committee
Kristi Piatek*
Kristine Wilhelm
Meredith Liddle
Chelsea Heisler
Sam Zinn

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

* Committee Chair