Practice Groups

Group placement will be solely of the discretion of the PTSC coaching staff. There are many factors that go into determining group placement such as skill level, training history, level of commitment, meet attendance, performance, attitude and age.

In general, group assignments and changes will be done to start a new training session and not in the middle of one. Group changes will be made by the PTSC coaching staff only using a criteria established by the staff that assesses each individual's current skill level. Remember, we want all PTSC swimmers to have the most optimal competitive swimming experience, so our swimmers will be placed in groups in order to foster their overall development for both the short term and the long term.


  • High School Swimmers also Competing in USA Swimming Meets


  • National Age Group Team
  • USA Swim Track

Development 3

  • Building Racing Skills and Full-Event Lineups
  • AMS/USA Swim Track

Development 2 

  • Building Butterfly, IM, and Turns Skills/Knowledge
  • AMS Swim Track

Development 1

  • Building Breaststroke and Start Skills/Knowledge
  • AMS Swim Track


  • Swim School
  • Building Freestyle and Backstroke Efficiency and Skills


  • Swim School
  • Building Skills in the Foundations of Swimming and Water Safety 
  • Ages 10 & Under
  • 4 Month Session (September-December and/or January-April)