Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim is designed for children ages 4 and up with the goal of teaching swimming skills from beginner through pre-competitive level swimming. Instruction is provided by Peters Township Swim Club members in small groups and supervised by certified coaches.

Children must be 4 years of age (and potty trained) by the first day of the session they are attending. If you have any questions please email [email protected].  All classes are held at the Peters Township High School pool.

  • Level 1 - introduction to water skills
  • Level 2 - fundamental aquatic skills
  • Level 3 - pre-competitive skills

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Learn to Swim Level Descriptions

Lessons are designed in progressive levels. At each level, new skills are introduced and previously learned skills are reviewed. The prerequisite for each level is successful completion of the preceding level or instructor approval.  Each level is described in detail below. The instructor will evaluate your child at the first lesson and place them in the appropriate group. The coaching staff will always have the final decision on level placement. This process is both in the best interest and for the safety of your child. Parents should keep in mind that children develop swimming skills at different rates. Avoid putting pressure on achievement; encourage your child to enjoy swim lessons and take pride in personal success!

Level 1 No swimming skills required. Introduction to Water Skills, children are introduced to basic skills as the foundation for future skills. It is common for children to participate in several sessions of Level 1 before they successfully demonstrate each skill. That is okay! It is not important how quickly they move through a level, but that they acquire each skill.
  • Enter and exit water using ladder, steps or side
  • Get comfortable with the floatation device
  • Push and glide position with kick board
  • Push and glide with just floatation device and head out 
  • Push, glide, swing hand and turn body
  • Continue to add strokes until face is in the water
  • Turn floatation device to the back, push and glide on back
  • Push, glide and kick on back
  • Add back strokes, swing hand, turn body and kick
  • Bob, exhale under the water, inhale above
  • Bob, breath and open eyes underwater
  • Push and glide with face in the water
  • Front float with floatation device on back. Arm pit assist for 4 seconds, hold breath
  • Turn floatation device to front, float on back, arm pit assist, 4 seconds hold breath
  • Push and glide without device
  • Push, glide and swim freestyle without device for 4 strokes
  • Add strokes until child can swim 10 feet
  • Push, glide on back without device
  • Push, glide on back, add strokes and kick
  • Front float without device for 4 seconds
  • Back float without device for 4 seconds
  • Recognize the lifeguard
  • Rules for safe swimming
Level 2 Passed Level 1 or instructor approval Fundamental Aquatic Skills builds on skills learned in Level 1. Instructors follow a plan to introduce new swimming and water safety skills and build on previously learned skills.
  • Enter water safely and independently by jumping or stepping from the side.
  • Push and glide 8 feet
  • Push, glide and swim freestyle 15 feet
  • Push and glide on back 8 feet
  • Push, glide and swim backstroke 15 feet
  • Front float for 8 seconds
  • Back float for 8 seconds
  • Bobbing (10 bobs)
  • Push, glide, swim freestyle and lower head into water
  • Freestyle and add breath to the side
  • Freestyle 10 feet, change direction and swim back to the wall
  • Dive Sequence:  Sit on deck with kick board, push off deck, glide and kick
  • Treading water, sculling at side with hands and bicycle kick
  • Touch bottom with feet
  • Touch bottom with hand
  • Recover object from bottom and return to the side
Level 3 Passed Level 2 or instructor approval Students will continue to build on previous arm and leg movement to begin swimming front and back crawl. Side breathing will be addressed as well as treading water.
  • Pre-competitive skills
  • Breathing to the side on freestyle
  • Demonstrating good stroke/kick coordination
  • Dives from the side, holds streamline position for 4 seconds
  • Continuous freestyle for 1/2 length of pool (35 feet)
  • Backstroke, straight arm recovery, head still
  • Breast stroke kick
  • Breast stroke arms and breathing
  • Dolphin kick with board
  • 3 butterfly strokes with no breath