Georgina Rapids Aquatic Club is a proud Canadian distributor of Bennett Surf Lifesaving Paddleboards. These surf lifesaving boards are designed in Australia and are used in surf lifesaving sport across the world. 

Product: 9' Bennett BRT SoftPro Deluxe Lifesaving Paddleboard

This foam-based board is designed for athletes under 160-lbs, and is a perfect for clubs who are developing their surf lifesaving division, or athletes who want to get into the sport. The board specificiations was initially designed for the North American market, and is used at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Junior Lifeguard Championships ('B' and 'C' Division). The board is made with an EPS (expandable polystyrene) core with one layer of fibreglass, with a white slick Surylun bottom and an IXPE (irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam deck. The board also has kneepads, which allows for both prone paddleboarding (i.e. lying on your belly) or paddling on your knees.




  • Designed for surf conditions, tested and widely used in the USLA market
  • Great board for club athletes, foam based material is durable and easier to maintain in comparison to fibreglass boards
  • Foam material makes the board safer to use for athletes especiall in wavy conditions (i.e. reduce impact of head injury)
  • Great intermediate board between 6' nipper boards, and 10' 6" fibreglass boards. Its lightweight material and weight capacity up to 160-lbs is uncomparable in the Canadian market



Length: 9'

Width: 19"

Thickness: 5.5"

Weight: 14-lbs

Buoyancy: Up to 160-lbs (72-kg)

Colour options: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Rainbow (limited edition)

Ironman racing handle (fifth handle): No



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