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Vernon Pleasant Valley Dental Fall Inv. and Jamboree

Steven Vander Meulen

The Vernon Kokanee Swim Club

VKSC Pleasant Valley Dental Fall Invitational and Jamboree

The Vernon Kokanee Swim Club Hosted our first home swim meet of the year at the Vernon Recreation Centre over the November 3-5 weekend. The Vernon meet included 5 other teams from the Okanagan.

The VKSC fielded 52 swimmers and achieved 265 best times over the weekend.

The VKSC also hosted a Jamboree swim meet for newer swimmers. The Kokanees had 28 swimmers in the Jamboree. Korbin Wade achieved his sub 4:00 200IM time. Korbin finished in 3:58.18. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.


In our Fall Invitational races:

Swimmers who had 100% best times:

Jackson Burrows, Rowan Brett, Ryley Earnshaw, Avalon Ellis, Anders Erikson, Davis Gordon, Aurora Hamilton, Ruslan Knutsen, Noah Mulligan, Emily Reinboldt, Victoria Reynolds, Cadel Simms, and Sarah Whibley.

New divisional qualifying times came from:

Teo Bos 50BR, Robbie Duke 50BA, Julia Russell 50BR, Eden Ellis 200BA, Kilian Russell 50BR, Anders Erikson 50BA/ 200BA, Jed Hubbard in 50BA, Hera Serzane 100BA, Johnny Kroes 800FR/ 100Fly, Cadel Simms 200FR/50BA/100BA/200IM, Mariia Kuzmenko 200IM, Rylan McGowan 100FR/ 100BA/ 100BR, Norah McIntyre 800FR/ 200BR, Alex Puchkov 800FR, Kaeden Uesson in 100FR, Kubrick Reed 800FR, Sarah Whibley 50BR/ 100BR.

New Provincial Qualifying time:

Norah McIntrye in 50BA with a time of 34.71

Top performance races over the weekend:

Six gold medals for Emily Adam

Four gold medals for Max Helm

Five gold medals and three silver medals for Angel Loseth

Seven gold medals and four silver medals for Alex Puchkov

Big Drops in time

Teo B -20 in 100BA, Rowan B -7 in 200IM and -6 in 50Fly, Jackson B -8 in 200IM, Ryley E – 41 in 200IM, Avalon E -15 in 200IM and -9 in 100FR, Eden E – 19 in 100BR and -23 in 200FR, Anders E -19 in 200BA, Davis G -6 in 100BR, Aurora -8 in 50BA, Max H – 7 in 100Fly, Jed -11 in 100BR, Nathan -37 800FR, Brooklyn -20 in 200BA, Violet -5 in 200BR, Niya -17 in 800FR, Ruslan -8 in 50BR, Johnny -6 in 100Fly, Mariia -6 in 200IM, Rylan M -9 100BR and -7 in 100FR, Norah -31 in 800FR and -10 in 200BR, Jacob -7 in 200FR, Nilah -15 in 200FR, Noah -7 in 200FR, Addison -7 in 100Fly, Payton -5 in 50BA, Alex P -58 in 800FR (biggest drop award), Davis R -5 in 100FR, Kubrick -19 in 800FR, Emily R -8 in 50BA, Kathryn -5 in 50Fly, William -34 in 200BA and -20 in 200Fr, Kilian -8 in 100Fly, Hera -6 in 100BA, Cadel -51 in 200FR, Kaeden -8 in 100BR and -17 in 200BR, Asher -4 in 100Fly, Sarah -12 in 100BR.

Outside Smoke Swims: Ryley Earnshaw in 50BA with a -6 sec drop.

+  Eden Ellis in 200FR with a 24 sec drop.

In our Jamboree races:

New qualifying times for main meets (sub 4:00 for 200 IM) Korbin Wade in 3:58.18

Overall, we had 94 new best times recorded from our 28 participants.

First time racing 200 IM: Nadia Deleenheer, Meg Earnshaw, Janssen Erikson, Brayden Wolfe.

Congratulations to everyone who raced over the November 3-5 weekend.