VKSC has been a competitive swim club since 1966!  We are currently planning for our new season starting this fall.  If you are interested in joining the club use the Contact Us button (above).  Check out our programs by clicking the Programs tab which includes swim schedules and fees (new season currently under construction).  Please email your child's info and we'll be in touch.  Some of our programs are currently full with a waitlist.  

Tier 2

Overview: Tier 2 is for athletes who have graduated from our Tier 3 program. Here swimmers are moving from a learning to train into a "train to train" mentality.  They are maturing in life at home and into high school.  Similarly at swimming, they are moving from ‘dreaming’ about being an Olympian, to ‘planning’ how they can become one.  Swimmers are able to swim the four competitive strokes well at all distances.  

Our main focus in this level is refining skills at higher distances and speeds, as well as more specifically starting to train physiological systems.  Mental skills, nutrition, and other training concepts will be introduced, and dryland skills are expanded while resistance is added.  Our objective for student athletes in Tier 2 is for them to learn to balance a higher volume of training with their other priorities, take care of themselves with consistent daily habits, and aim for personal excellence in the sport of swimming.


Demonstrated commitment to, and attendance within, a yearly swimming program.

Demonstrated commitment to attend meets and develop as a competitive swimmer.

Approaching Peak Height Velocity (major growth spurt), and has physical/mental maturity to tolerate training volumes.  Typically this will be swimmers in grades 8-9 but may also include early or late developers outside of that range.

Coaches assessment

** Please note that the Pre-requisites are for reference only; swimmers will be put into the appropriate group following their assessment.

Swimmers' Commitment and Goals:

  1. Attend a minimum of 80-85% of practices
  2. Aim for "Tier I", "Tier II", or “Westerns” standards in your age group.
  3. Attend as many swim meets and social events as possible on your schedule.  
  4. Commit at the beginning of the season to attend all VKSC hosted meets and Championship meets you qualify or are eligible for. 
  5. Communicate other sport schedules, or missed practices with coach.
  6. Show a desire to train and compete, to set personal and team goals, and to consistently improve.
  7. Have fun!

Parents’ Commitment: 

  1. Arrange to have your swimmer attend all practices and as many of the other offered camps and events as possible.  You are highly encouraged to initiate carpooling with other parents in the group or similar group schedule at this stage.
  2. Stay informed by reading and responding to: emails, website, bulletin board.
  3. Parent participation.  Assist with volunteering/officiating at meets and further your Officials qualifications per the club volunteer policy.  Get involved with other events through the year.

Team Gear and Equipment Requirements:
Tier 2 - 2 pairs goggles , 2 VKSC team caps, VKSC team racing suit, snorkel, fins, kick board, mesh bag, VKSC team t-shirt, pull buoy, pull band (Finis ankle strap), hand paddles, VKSC Parka or Hoodie, water bottle (very important)

Swim schedule and fees are posted under the Resources tab on the website homepage.