Registration for 2023-2024 is now closed.

Reach out to Cheryl with questions at [email protected]



If you are new to Vortex this coming year, please plan to attend an evaluation

August 1st, 2024 9:30-10:30am at Village Green Pool or

August 6th, 2024 7:15-8:00pm at Raintree Athletic Club



Registration for 2024-2025 will be open August 1st for RETURNING MEMBERS

Registration for  2024-2025 will be open August 8th for NEW MEMBERS




Welcome to the team!

Like most swim clubs in the area, Vortex Swim Club is run by member volunteers who elect a Board of Directors to oversee the administrative functions of the club. 

Please see Volunteer Policy under the Volunteering tab

Vortex Swim Club uses our team website for all team communication, billing, and meet entries. Please be sure to watch the video tutorials for how to use the On-Deck Parent, Understanding Your Events/Meets, and Understanding your Billing.   Log in to the website using your primary Email & password. Click "My Account", Click "My Tutorials", and then click "HERE". You can then select the video tutorial for any of these topics. 

How to Join

New Swimmer Packet..coming soon

USA Swimming Registration Fee

Each swimmer is required to annually join USA Swimming and this fee must be paid at the time of registration prior to the swimmer entering the water. The USA Swimming registration fee covers USA Swimming registration and insurance. For new swimmers, USA Swim changed in 2022, and you now have to Register your swimmer using the link provided.  Swimmers need to register with USA Swim within 2 weeks after their trial ends or you will not be allowed in the water. 

Team Vortex USA Swimming Registration


Swim Meet Entries


All swim meet entries are completed on-line. BEFORE you enter a swimmer in their first meet we strongly suggest reading over the "How to Enter a Meet" under "Events/Meets" and also reviewing the Meet Information Sheet on the same page.  If you have any further questions please direct them to your group’s coach.

The coaching staff is always available to discuss what events swimmers should swim at certain meets. Sometimes coaches will make a general announcement at practice and other times coaches will meet with swimmers and parents in the lobby to discuss meet entries.  

Keep in mind the entry deadlines for each meet!  USA Swimming has a rule that no meet session can run longer than 4 hours.  Once a meet session has reached 4 hours in estimated length, the meet director will close that session to future entries.  It does not matter when the entry deadline is, once that session reaches 4 hours the meet is closed. 

Meet fees are charged in addition to your monthly dues and include a pool surcharge fee as well as per event fees. Fees are billed to your account and are paid monthly by the 5th. Meet fees can add up quickly--please read the meet information and understand the fees before signing up for a meet.

Swimming Scholarship Discount

We offer a scholarship discount on monthly dues for up to 2 swimmers per practice group. Applicants must qualify for a reduced rate through the City of Fort Collins and must commit to the scholarship agreement. Please email [email protected] for more information and the scholarship application.

Billing & Payments

The team bills electronically in advance for monthly dues. Families are charged if your swimmer is registered for any part of the month or participates in any practice during a calendar month.

Families are responsible for payment of dues if their swimmer is registered for the month regardless of whether the swimmer attends practice or not. Swimmers are free to take a break from the team and dues will not be required during the break as long as the family notifies Team Billing by the 25th of the preceding month to suspend next month's registration. Dues will be required if notification is not received by the 25th. 

Billing & Invoice Video Tutorial

Visit our financial details page for dues & fees information, billing statements, and how to make a payment.

What if my swimmer wants to take a break?

Swimmers can take time off from swimming to pursue other sports and interests. You must email [email protected] by the 25th of the preceding month to suspend your swimmer's registration for the next month and have the electronic billing de-activated.

When taking a break or leaving the team there is no guarantee a spot will be available on return