MNSI Find-A-Club

Shown on the map are the clubs affiliated with Minnesota Swimming. The purpose of this list is to provide team websites for individuals interested in contacting a club. Commercial usage or the use of information on this list for non-USA Swimming purposes is strictly prohibited.

Use the map functions to find MNSI clubs in your area. A search function is also provided on the full map site. Click the "View larger map" icon on the far-right side to open the full map site.

Club Leaders: If your website/team info is incorrect, please contact Operations Manager: Tracy Meece.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I found a club that I want to join. How do I contact them to get signed up?"

Use the link provided on the map to access their website. Once you're there, find their Contact section to get in touch with the club leaders that can help you get registered.

"The club website isn't listed/the link doesn't work. How can I get in touch with them?"

If this is the case, use our information at the bottom of this page to contact the MNSI office, and we will work to get you in touch with the team.

"Where can I find more info on Memberships?"

Visit our Join MNswim! page for more info on the types of Memberships offered by Minnesota Swimming Clubs.

"I see some clubs have Club Excellence, Club Recognition, and Safe Sport Recognition listed under their description. What does this mean?"

The Club Excellence, Club Recognition, and Safe Sport Recognition Programs are three club development programs that Minnesota Swimming Clubs can take part in to aid clubs in developing strong, stable, financially sound and athletically productive organizations.

•Club Excellence: a voluntary program that identifies and recognizes USA Swimming clubs for their commitment to performance excellence. This program strives to promote the development of strong, well-rounded age group and senior swimming programs that produce elite 18 & under athletes, and provide recognition and resources to motivate and assist member clubs to strive for the highest ideals of athlete performance.

•Club Recognition: provides club members a working blueprint for developing a strong, stable, financially sound and athletically productive organization. It is a voluntary program with four levels of achievement across four component areas deemed critical to long-term club success (Level 4 being the highest level).

•Safe Sport Recognition: allows a club to publicly demonstrate its unwavering commitment to creating an abuse-free, safe, healthy and positive environment for all its members through the implementation of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy, anti-bullying measures, Safe Sport Best Practices and Athlete Protection Training.

For more info on the Club Excellence & Club Recognition Programs, click here. For more info on Safe Sport Recognition Program, click here.