Fast Fins Elite Swim Team

At Fins Fins Elite, we are proud to offer Dallas-Fort Worth area a new style of swim team that is guaranteed for success. With Head Coach, Cody Lavoie, we have structured our swim team to be focused on each swimmer achieving their indivdual goals along with team success. With our plan of keeping our training and athletes ELITE, we design everything around quality over quantity. Practices are written to be focused on technique and the long-term development of our swimmers and athletes. Our goal is to see all of our swimmers grow through the program and achieve all their personal goals. Whether that is to earn a scholarship, compete profesionally, develop self-confidence and discipline, or to make life-long friends, we will guide our athletes through every step. Our ELITE philosophy of technique, growth and discipline is proven to develop successful swimmers, athletes and leaders.


The average number of athletes at a practice in USA Swimming is 34. At Fast Fins Elite, we cap each practice session at 10 swimmers. This allows for the required individual attention and ability to correct technique in order to be successful. Our ratios allow for our coaches to develop strong relationships with every one of our swimmers which is crucial in long-term development.


At Fast Fins Elite, we encourage multi-sport play at a young age. The best swimmers are strong athletes. Outside of swimming it is important to be active in physical play at young age to develop body coordination and strength. Through our training groups at Fast Fins Elite, we gradually increase the dryland work required to go with the swim training. We have partnered with Rams Performance Systems to provide the best dryland/weight training workouts in the area that are swim specific and body safe.