Fast Fins Elite Swim Team

On the Swim Meets & Events Calendar tab, you will be able to look for scheduled swim meets. If there are time standards required to enter the swim meet, it will include so in the title. On the meet description it will explain which training groups are able to compete in each competition. If your swimmer qualifies for a swim meet, please RSVP to save your spot before the entry deadline.


If it is a USA Swim Meet (travel meet), swimmers must be in the BLUE or BLACK roster groups. In these groups, swimmers have the endurance and proficiency to compete at the USA Swim level. These swimmers are also knowlegeable of the rules and disqualifications in competitive swimming.


If it is a Time Trial, all roster groups are able to compete. These swim meets are low-stress and focused on evaluating the individual swimmer and their improvements. These competitions are done internally with the swim team. The only competition will be the swimmers on our team.