Fast Fins Elite Swim Team


- Requirements - Basic knowledge of the four strokes and endurance to swim 25yards of each stroke at a time

- In this group we will be completely focused on the development of stroke technique. We will also start to introduce proper starts, turns and finishes for all four strokes

- Sunday 10:00am, Monday 6:00pm, Tuesday 4:00pm, Wednesday 6:30pm, Thursday 4:00pm, Thursday 5:00pm, Friday 3:30pm, Saturday 12:30pm, Saturday 2:30pm


GREY Group

- Requirements - Strong stroke technique and endurance to swim 50yards of each stroke at a time. Must have a basic understanding of proper starts, turns and finishes for each stroke

- In this group our focus is still on stroke technique while introducing new swim skills. We will begin to learn all proper turns, stroke drills and basic endurance and speed training

- Sunday 10:00am, Monday 7:00pm, Tuesday 5:00pm, Wednesday 5:00pm, Thursday 5:00pm, Saturday 1:30pm


BLUE Group

- Requirements - Strong stroke technique for all four strokes and strong application of swim skills including starts, turns, breakouts and finishes. Endurance must be able to do 100yards of each stroke proficiently (legally - no DQ's) as well as a 100yard IM 

- In this group we are introducing our swimmers to competitive swimming. This includes how to properly train and compete at the USA Swimming level. Monthly Swim Meets are offered, we track swimmers time improvements and we build strong and confident youth.

- Monday 4:30pm, Monday 7:00pm, Tuesday 5:45am, Tuesday 5:00pm, Tuesday 6:30pm, Wednesday 5:00pm, Thursday 5:00pm, Friday 4:30pm, Saturday 11:00am



- Requirements - This training group is by INVITE only. This is for our most dedicated athletes involved in competetive swimming with goals of competing and succeeding at the high school, college and national level

- Monday 5:45am, Monday 6:00pm, Tuesday 5:45am, Tuesday 6:00pm, Tuesday 6:30pm, Wednesday 5:45am, Wednesday 6:00pm, Thursday 5:45am, Thursday 6:00pm, Friday 5:30pm, Saturday 12:00pm


TEAM PREP Training

Requirements - This prep course is a 4 class training session designed to prepare the swimmer to join swim team. Swimmer must have basic knowledge of all four strokes

- During this 4 week course, each week will be focused on the technique and development of one specific stroke. Upon graduation from the team prep training, the swimmer will move into the WHITE training group of swim team

- Sunday 9:00am, Sunday 11:00am, Saturday 3:30pm



- No Requirements - Please schedule private swim training and semi-private training through Fast Fins Swim Lessons. This is for beginner level swimmers learning the basics and development of all four strokes