Learn to Dive - 6, 1 hour long lessons teaching the fundamentals of diving (front jump, back jump, forward entry, backward entry, hurdle approach) on 1-meter.

Cost: $110.00/ 6 week session


Lessons - 1 hour/ week. Continuing to build on diving fundamentals. Progressing skills into dives and taking fundamentals to 3-meter. Can be invited to join the team after showing mastery of the skills permitting Team availability.

Cost: $80.00 / month


Team Diving (By Coaches Invitation only)

Beginners: Building voluntary dives (front dive, back dive, reverse dive, and inward dive) on 1 meter and 3 meter. Will compete in at least one local meet per season.

Cost: $120.00/ month 


Intermediate: Building optional dives (flips and more) on 1-meter and 3-meter. Will compete in at least two meets per season.

Cost: $156.00/ month


Advanced: Advancing dives in all directions on both 1-meter and 3-meter. Will compete in at least three meets per season.

Cost: $240.00/month