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Do you want to become more involved with Iron Horse? This is the stop for you. As you all know, to run and maintain an amazing youth sports team we need parent volunteers at all levels, whether it is as a meet volunteer, chaperone, coordinator, etc.


Email [email protected] or [email protected] and let us know how you would like to contribute. It takes a village to manage youth sports-- and we're always on the lookout for dedicated people to help.

How to:

Volunteering for the program means qualifying as an Adult Participant (MAAPP), meaning the position involves direct authority over minor athletes. Below is the definition of an Adult Participant: 

Adult Participant

Steps to becoming an Adult Participant:

1. Complete a USA Swimming Account. Then complete a registration with USA Swimming. (Club will reimburse you)

2. Complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) . This course focuses on prioritizing athletes and keeping them safe. 

3. Complete a Background Check through USA Swimming. 

4. Complete CPT training. Concussion Protocol Training.

5. Signed MAAPP Consent and Acknowledgement Form

Once these steps have been successfully completed, you will be a USA-Swimming Adult Participant and eligible to join our wonderful volunteer staff.

Swim Meet Info

Signing Athletes up to a Meet step by Step Guide

Parent guide to swim meets

Swim Meet Fees- Once the entry deadline is past, families will be committed to the event as well as all fees associated with it. Please note that there will be no refunds given for missing the event, skipping days, illness or any other reasons. The meet entry fees are paid out to the hosting club and they finance the upfront cost to host a meet. For these reasons they do not issue refunds.

Timing At Meets

Volunteering For Meets

Additional Sources of info:

2022 USA Swim Guide

5 Tips on Safe Sport

Glossary of Swim Terms

Team Handbook

Best Practices Guidelines

Electronic Policy

5 Reasons Why Swimmers Make Best Employees

Racing Starts at meets 10and under athletes- Parents please read



USA Swimming one stop on nutrition- This is a great resource for parents. Here you will find brochures and tear sheets for fueling, recovery, plant based you name it. 

Move Ups:

Each group has a general age range and skill level projected. These are guidelines and ultimately it comes down to the staff involved with the swimmers and the current ebb and flow in the surrounding group structures. 

We will do move ups once a year, after the athlete has completed one short course and long course season with their current group coach. Our goal is to make sure all swimmers are in the right group for their current development. Having said that, we would like to mention that if an athlete exceeds the current group (ability, attendance, demonstrates leadership, and skill level) they are swimming with, we may move them up prior to the soonest move up date. This will be looked at on a case by case basis but ultimately move ups will be at the discretion of the Head Age-Group and Head Coach.


Weather Related Information:

Ice Storms- We will follow FISD District policy for Ice Storms. If schools shut down, the pools will be shut down.


  • If a Tornado watch is issued we will maintain practice depending on how close the tornado is.

  • If a Tornado warning is issued we will cancel practice depending on the time it is issued. If a tornado warning is issued during practice we will cancel practice and seek shelter in the facility locker rooms. During this time we will not release the athletes to the parents. The parents can seek shelter with the athletes.

Thunderstorms- Our pools are grounded and are safe to conduct practice. Only time a practice cancellation will occur is if the storm is above us. In which case we will evacuate the pool and all swimmers will be in the locker rooms.

Active Shooters- If there is an active shooter. We will immediately cancel practice and funnel the swimmers and staff into the storage room, laundry room, meet operations room and the bathrooms in the coaches classroom. 

The facility will then be locked down till the situation is resolved.