Safe Sport resources- Best Practiced Guidelines

Additional resources for Safe sport

Mandated Reporter- as coaches and members of the school district we are a mandated reporter so we will follow FISD and State of Texas guidelines on suspected abuse.

Anyone who SUSPECTS a child has been abused or neglected must notify CPS or law enforcement [Family Code, Section 261.101(a)] within 48 hours. To contact CPS by phone, call 800-252-5400, or online at (create a password).

Reporting will usually take about 10 to 30 minutes, and although you have 48 hours in which to make the report, it is very important that you do it as quickly as possible, especially if your concerns are high for the child’s safety. Find a private place where confidentiality can be maintained, and have the child’s basic information – parents’ names, address, and phone numbers.

Our local numbers for law enforcement are the Frisco Police Department, Victim Assistance, 972-292-6141 (Tonia Cunningham), or for outside the city limits the Collin County Sheriff’s Department, 972-547-5100 or Denton County Sheriff’s Department, 940-349-1600. For more information you can refer to the following website: (click on Victim Assistance). If the situation seems very dangerous or urgent, do not make your report online. Use the hotline number, 800-252-5400, or for the quickest response call law enforcement. 

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Coaching Education:

USA Swimming Coach Education Certification Program- The Coach Education Certification program’s purpose is to provide coaches with access to relevant, dynamic and ongoing education. USA Swimming is committed to better educating coaches, which will increase opportunities for athletes, families and other member constituents to have a lasting, positive swimming experience. It will help create a safe, athlete-centered and developmentally appropriate environment where our swimmers can thrive.

American Swim Coach Association- Here coaches can work through their ASCA Level 1-5. These are great foundational tools for every coach to work through. 

Level 1- You get when you complete your Coaches certification through USA Swim

Level 2- Stroke school this is a great place to learn drills and basic understanding of how the body moves in the water

Level 3- Physiology in this segment they teach you how to build a training plan.

Intro to swimming training zone

More Info:

Emergency Action Plan

Extreme Weather

Active Shooter

USA Swimming Racing Start Certification- Must be completed and retained on file.


Coaches Requested Time Off

Requested Time Off Form


Coaching Athletes With Cognitive Disabilities

2022 USA Swim Guide

Racing Start Certification

Racing start protocols for instruction



In the event of an injury, Iron Horse Aquatics  must file a Report of Occurrence (ROO) within one (1) day of the occurrence. The ROO can be found below:

Report Of Occurrence