What do I bring to class?

Swimmers will need to bring goggles and a towel to their lessons.  Swim caps are optional but preferred for swimmers with longer hair.


What do I do on the first day of class?

When you arrive at the front entrance into the facility for the first day of class for each new session, proceed down the spectator seating hallway (hallway against the glass wall) and take the first ramp leading into the spectator seating area (shallow side of the pool).  Spread out and find a seat in this first section of the spectator seating area and wait for the staff introductions and class roster check-ins.


What areas are the classes taught?

Classes that are taught in the shallow end of the pool (4 – 5ft water depth) are as follows:  Beginner I, Beginner II, and Advanced Beginner.  All diving skills are taught in the deep end of the pool (12ft water depth)

The Stroke School class is taught in the deep end of the pool (12ft water depth). 


My child is almost 4 years old. Can I register my child in classes?

All participants must be age 4 by the start of the first day of class. They also must complete one of our swim skill evaluations before enrolling in one of the classes.


Can I enroll for more than one session?

Yes.  However, we will not know how your child will progress through the skill levels.  Therefore, all participants must enroll in the same skill level for at least two sessions before enrolling in the next level.  Enrolling in two sessions of the same skill level will ensure that your child will have a continuation of lessons in the event that he/she is not ready for the next skill level.  In the event that you child receives approval to register into the next skill level, check online or with our front office for any available spots into the next level.  If the class/es are full, you may opt to continue with your existing registrations as our instructors will work with your child at their approved level.  Otherwise, a refund request may be submitted in accordance to our refund policy.   


How will I know if my child is ready for the next skill level?

At the end of each session, the instructor will give each participant either a Certificate of Recognition which states that the participant must repeat the class or a Certificate of Completion which states the participant is approved to enroll in the next level. 


I want to enroll in the (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer) swim lessons, can I do that now?

Programming schedules are made available on a seasonal basis only.  We offer three programming seasons:  Fall (End of August through November.), Winter/Spring (End of February through May), and Summer (June through July).  All new programming schedules will made available on the web site for viewing and printing as we approach the end of each season.


Are lessons taught by age or skill level?  All lessons are taught by skill level.


I missed the intial pre-registration evaluations. How do I schedule an evaluation for my child once the current season has begun?

Contact our front office at 469.633.6160 to schedule an appointment.  Evaluations will be scheduled during the times our instructors are here.


If we miss class/es, are we able to schedule a makeup lesson or can I receive a refund?

If we have to cancel a class for any reason, we will schedule a group makeup lesson and communicate that information to everyone by e-mail.  We do not offer makeups, refunds, or credits if your child misses a class. Please see our refund policy HERE.


How long will it take to move through the learn-to-swim levels?

Everyone learns at their own pace.  Swimmers usually progress faster if they attend all scheduled classes and swim more often, but we simply can not guarantee a specific timeframe that it will take to progress through the levels.

How do I cancel or transfer to another class?

Visit our front office to pickup a refund/transfer form.


I lost my receipt detailing what I had registered. How can I receive another copy?  You may review your information on the TeamUnify site after logging into your account.  You will enter your username and password information that you use for registering for FISD programs.  Your customer account login is a place where you can view previous registrations, edit and update your personal information, and print receipts.


Are parents allowed to watch the classes?

Absolutely! However, parents are required to remain in the spectator seating area while classes are being taught. This helps to ensure that swimmers remain focused on instruction. Two to three minutes before each class ends, parents may leave the spectator area and come down to the deck to pick up their children.

Where can I help my child change before or after class?

Parents and children of the same gender may use the appropriate restroom in the natatorium lobby.  Parents and children of different genders must use the family restroom in the natatorium lobby.