Indiana Swimming

About Us


Greater Evansville Swimming, Inc. 

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Welcome to the Greater Evansville Aquatic Team (GREAT). We are a USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming affiliated year-round competitive swim club. Along with being members of USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming, we are also a part of the Southern Indiana Swim Conference, which is made up of other affiliated swim clubs in the Southern Indiana region. We are located in Evansville, IN and have been dedicated to serving the greater Evansville area since 2003. We offer high quality professional coaching, training and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. All of our coaches, as members of USA Swimming, have access to the most comprehensive resources for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. This provides assurance that the time children spend swimming with GREAT will be quality time. We provide every swimmer the opportunity to improve and achieve success at their level of ability, from the novice to the national level. At the heart of our mission is developing our youth into young men and women ready to succeed in life, both professionally and personally. It is our belief that there is no better sport than swimming to teach valuable life lessons, and to help kids grow into exemplary adults and role models. We believe that the efforts of our swimmers, coaches, parents, and community help create a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 


Culture Of Competitive GREATness

Be At Your Best When Your Best Is Required

Require Your Best Each Day



Inspire Excellence, Encourage Success, Impact Positively, Empower Leaders, Through Swimming within a Safe and Supportive Environment.



Establish a comprehensive swim program with community roots and national notoriety, that is fostered in a safe and supportive environment and allows all of our athletes to reach their full potential both in and out of the water.



  • Accountability – Ownership Of Your Actions And Decisions
  • Attitude – Eagerness And Joy For What You Are Doing
  • Confidence – Trust In Yourself And Your Abilities
  • Effort – Relentless Pursuit Of Achievement
  • Integrity – Honest And Pure Intentions
  • Purpose – The Why Behind The What
  • Resilience – Tough And Determined In The Face Of Adversity
  • Skill – Master Your Craft
  • Team – Spirit And Teamwork


Who Are We:

  • We are always prepared.
  • We believe that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.
  • We do not make excuses.
  • We focus on the things in our control.
  • We go above and beyond what is asked.
  • We have a positive mindset and outlook.
  • We know that challenges and obstacles only make us better.
  • We learn from our mistakes and failures.
  • We put the team before ourselves.
  • We realize that the process is more important than the result.
  • We strive to be great at everything that we do.
  • We support and motivate our teammates.
  • We understand the relationship between input and output.
  • We work tirelessly to succeed and accomplish our goals.