Indiana Swimming

Volunteering & Parent Involvement


Meet Volunteer Descriptions:



Trained Meet Positions:

Another way to help out at meets is through trained positions. If you are interested in helping out at meets in a trained position there are two ways, as a USA Swimming Official or as a Timing System Operator. As it states, these positions are ones that need additional training to do. The process of becoming a certified official involves becoming a non-athlete member of USA Swimming, attending a clinic, online training, and completing an apprenticeship over several meets. Becoming a timing system operator only requires being trained on it by one of our staff members. Because of the additional training, we have incentives in place for these positions. 

Trained Meet Position Incentives:

  • Reimbursement of all costs associated with becoming an official, and we will provide your official’s polo. Timing System training has no costs associated. 

  • Free entry, deck access and hospitality at meets are also perks. 







If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to our Board of Directors.