Mission: Provide opportunites, support and a framework for all athletes to excel.

Vision: Athletes Elevated!

Core Values: Athletes First, Integrity, Progressive, Community

About Utah Swimming
Utah Swimming Inc. is the local administrative arm of USA Swimming, the National G
overning Body of competitive swimming in the United States. Its territory covers all the state of Utah with teams from Logan to St. George. Currently there are 4,559 athletes, 439 non-athletes (coaches and volunteers), and 32 clubs.

Utah Swimming, Inc. is run by the Board of Directors, 17 individuals (including four athlete representatives) who are elected by the general membership at the House of Delegates meeting or appointed by the General Chairman of the Board. The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss issues relating to USA swimming in our state, including format and calendaring of swim meets, dispersal of Utah Swimming funds to support athlete training and competition, Web site development and many other issues of importance. Any member of Utah Swimming (anyone who is registered with USA-S) may attend these meetings and may participate in discussions, but only Board members may vote. Board of Directors meetings are currently held the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. The Board of Directors and their phone numbers and e-mail addresses may be found on the Utah Swimming website (www.swimutah.com).

House of Delegates
Each swim club in Utah is entitled to send three voting delegates (one coach, one non-coach and one athlete) to the House of Delegates meetings, which are held each fall and spring. In addition to election of Board Members, major policy decisions affecting swim clubs and swimmers are voted upon at this meeting. If you would like input into this process, speak to your club coach or president to see whether there is an opening for a delegate from your team. Your club must register you with the Board Secretary as a delegate prior to the House of Delegates meeting in order for you to vote. 

Utah Swimming is a member of USA Swimming Western Zone.