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I am a registered coach and want to swim open events at a meet. Do I need to join USA Swimming as an athlete member and pay another fee?

Yes. Refer to 302.1 and 304.2 USA Swimming Rules & Regulations. Every competitor must register as an athlete. The insurance coverage is different and the membership fee for each category covers insurance premiums as well.

In addition to coaches and athletes, who must join USA Swimming?

All meet directors, referees, starters, and stroke and turn judges, serving in an official capacity in a sanctioned event, must be members of United States Swimming. Also for a club application, the Delegate (voting member) and all coaches must be members.

What are "levels" of officials in Utah Swimming?

Utah Swimming has established training levels from Stroke & Turn (Judge), Administrative Judge, Starter and Referee. Further information is available from the USI website under the officials section.

I have been asked to time at our meet. Do I need to join USA Swimming?

No. Current rules do not require timers to join USA Swimming.

Since I sent proof of my course work to get a coach card, do you notify me when they need to be renewed?

No. Coach members are responsible for maintaining current status of CPR, First Aid and Safety Training for Swim Coaches. Coaching without current course certifications jeopardizes USA Swimming insurance coverage of both club and coach.

I lost my card and need it to attend a meet and be on deck. How do I obtain another?

Cards are no longer printed and sent out. Please use deck pass, either on your mobile device or on the website to print out your membership card.

What do I do to transfer my child from one club to another or to another LSC (Out-of-state)?

A transfer form must be completed before an athlete can swim under a new club name. 120 days must have elapsed before an athlete from a USA Swimming club can represent a new USA Swimming club. (The 120 days does not apply to college athletes.) Forms and further information can be obtained from the USI website.

When do we register?

Athlete registration, Club and Non-athlete membership application, start on September 1. It is valid until December 31 of the following year. There is a four month overlap when the current and previous membership is valid.