Online Swim Meet Safety Kit

Information and resources to help promote safety at swim meets

The contents of this kit are not intended as legal or medical advice

NEWLY UPDATED FOR MAAPP! Safety Briefing Sign and flyer  Make it easier for everyone at your meet to increase safety. Post at the venue and share with coaches, officials, timers, meet marshals and others. Print full, half or quarter size.

Help meet goers better understand how to live MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.)  Post this flyer in locker rooms and other places. May also share in briefings.

Utah Swimming Meet Safety Plan (Click to Access)

Meet DIRECTOR Safety Information (Click to Access)

Meet REFEREE Safety Information (Click to Access)


Print and post signs at your meet venue.  Modify as needed.

Newly Updated to reflect MAAPP! Swim Meet Safety Signs Kit (Click to access.  Includes all signs below)


Please help build our Utah Swimming community by posting the following flier near the heat sheets at your meet.


Meet Directors:  Can you please post the following sign at your meet to help everyone learn what they can each do to help keep athletes safer? Because of athlete and parent turnover, you could post this sign at every meet and still have someone new see it each time.  Please help spread the Safe Sport message! Posting by heat sheets or results will help ensure it gets seen.  Thank you!

Instructions and Guidelines

NEW! Safety Briefing, Sign and flyer 

Share with coaches, officials, timers, meet marshals and others. May review verbally during pre-meet briefing, print full-size and post on venue walls (multiple places), print half or quarter size and include in coach packets, on official sign-in clipboard and timer clipboards.  Make it easy for others to help increase safety at your meet!



Give meet volunteers the information they need to do a good job.  This includes helping those around them be safe.  Often, a few experienced people run swim meets helped by many less experienced volunteers.  Using a training agenda enables others with less experience to step up and help out more.


Team Swim Meet SAFE DECK Plans

  • Safe Deck Plans designate where spectators may sit at swim meets.  Every team has one.  Click title, or here, to access.  Plans are listed by host club abbreviation.
  • Note:  A coach or team leader may update a team Safe Deck plan by emailing it to the Utah Swimming Safe Sport and Operational Risk Chair. (Click "Governance" > "Board of Directors" above to get contact info.) 


NEW! Credentialing Coaches and Officials at Meets Policy and Signs


To use, first review the announcements. Delete any which don't apply to your meet. If needed, add others. Give the sheet to the meet announcer and ask him/her to make the announcements throughout the meet.

Concussion Management at Meets

Utah state law requires the removal of a child participant suspected of sustaining a concussion or a traumatic head injury from all sporting events.  It also requires written medical clearance before the child returns to participation.  The full text of the bill may be viewed at

Utah Swimming Concussion Management Plan

Post Head Injury Instructions

Possible Concussion at the Pool?

For more see: Utah Swimming CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT Resources and To Do's

Make a Report

  • Accident or Injury Related: USA Swimming Report of Occurrence:
    • Quick Tip for Coaches, Meet Directors, and Referees:  Save link to Report of Occurrence (ROO) on your phone
  • Possible Abuse, Misconduct or Code of Conduct Violation: Safe Sport Deal With a Concern:

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