Elizabethtown Aquatic Club Coaches

Isaac Greene Head Coach
Family: My wife Kelly and I have three beautiful girls, and one dog.

Swimming career: I swam for EAC, Willowood, EAHS, and LVC. Still swimming in open water!

Favorite Stroke: Butterfly! In college I really enjoyed the distance strokes, including the 200 fly and 400 IM. 

Other hobbies and activities: I still love finding ways to compete, mostly through running or swimming (open water) but I also help coach and play softball in a few local leagues. With the family, I enjoy time away at the mountains or beach. Many times going to the mountains, I get to hunt. 

Favorite vacation spot: We find ourselves going to OCMD every year. 

Years coaching swimming: I have been coaching for over 17 years. I began coaching in the summer during college. I coached for Willowood and Annville-Cleona. I began coaching EAC in 2008, then took some time off when our first daughter was born. 

Favorite thing about coaching swimming: One of the best parts about coaching is the relationships you develop with others. There are a lot of great coaches, parents and swimmers in the sport that keep you motivated to help all succeed. 

Advice for EAC swimmers: Have fun. You will always perform your best when you’re having fun. Also, remember that getting better at the sport goes beyond your time in the water.

Certification: LifeGuard with CPR; USA Certified; ASCA Level 2; NFHS Member; 

Ken Chandler Coach

Family: My wife is Beth and our two children are Josh and Keri. I have three grandsons, Landon, Calvin, and Charlie. My kids both swam with EAC and two of my grandsons currently swim with EAC.

Swimming career: I swam at Macomb Senior High School and the Macomb YMCA in Macomb, IL. Also swam at Illinois State.

Favorite Stroke: My main stroke was backstroke and the sprint freestyle events.

Other hobbies and activities: I enjoy spending time traveling with my wife. Also, I enjoy spending time with my grandsons and going to their events. I like to golf and spend time working on my yard.

Favorite vacation spots: The Pacific Northwest, Sedona AZ, and the Outer Banks of NC are among my favorite spots.

Years coaching swimming: I've been coaching at EAC for 25 years. 

Favorite thing about coaching swimming: My favorite thing about coaching is seeing swimmers accomplish their goals and doing something they have never done before or didn't think they could do.

Advice for EAC swimmers: Never sell yourself short. Don't limit yourself by thinking you can't do something because you think it is hard. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Alex Shubert Coach

Family: Stephanie is my wife and we have two daughters Derian and Mackenzie. We have a dog named Mia and a cat named Kitty.

Swimming career: I swam for Willowood, EAC, West Shore Y, Elizabethtown Area High School, and Juniata College

Favorite Stroke: Breastroke

Other hobbies and activities: I enjoy skiing, camping, golfing, movies, cooking, and spending time with my family.

Favorite vacation spot: Ontario, Canada

Years coaching swimming: I've been coaching with EAC for six years. In the past, I have coached at Willowood and I have coached the EAHS swim team.

Favorite thing about coaching swimming: Besides seeing the kids improve as swimmers, I love the relationships that are built through swimming.

Advice for EAC swimmers: Know your times. Set goals. Work hard. Get to know your teammates and coaches. And, have fun!

Joshua Peters Coach

Family: My wife Jacqui and I have two children, Renée and Blake

Swimming career: EAC, Elizabethtown High School, Willowood, and still swimming USA and open water racing.

Favorite Stroke: IM

Other hobbies and activities: I enjoy skiing, camping, hiking and traveling out west.

Favorite vacation spot: Big Sky, Montana

Years coaching swimming: currently my 5th year of coaching with EAC.

Favorite thing about coaching swimming: Helping kids achieve their goals and focusing on technique.

Advice for EAC swimmers: Work hard, but also have fun! You get out of it what you put in it.

Certifications: ASCA level 1 Coach, USA ADM certified Age Group Coach, CPR/AED, First Aid and lifeguard certifications 

Janet Sheldrake Coach

Coach Janet

Family: My fiance is Sean and we have 2 cats. 

Swimming career: I swam at Conestoga Valley HS and California University of Pa. I was on multiple teams like the Lancaster YMCA and 5 Star when I got a bit older. 

Favorite Stroke: I love butterfly!

Other hobbies and activities: I love camping, hiking, singing, reading, and white water rafting. 

Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere tropical or deep in the woods. 

Years coaching swimming: I swam for 16 years and coached on and off during my swimming career since I was in high school. I helped with swimming lessons for young children, individual sessions, coached for summer teams, and coached for my college team as well for one year. This will be my third winter coaching with EAC.

Favorite thing about coaching swimming: I love helping others reach their goals. I love seeing someone accomplish something new that they are learning. I am lucky to be able to teach others what I learned while being a coach and a swimmer. 

Advice for EAC swimmers: It's not about winning or losing. It's not about "but they're faster than me". It's about knowing that YOU gave your BEST at every practice. Swimming is for those who don't always succeed, but choose to get back in the water and try it again and again. 

Rik Appleby Coach

Coach Rik
Family: I have been married to my wife, Juliann, for 16 years. We have four children; Kaylee, Colton, Kloey, and Kambria. We have two dogs; one named Tyrion and one named Layla. We also have a cat named Karen, and a bearded dragon named Rhino. 
Swimming career: I grew up swimming for Willowood, EAC, and Elizabethtown Area High School.
Favorite Stroke: Butterfly
Other hobbies and activities: I enjoy golfing and spending time with my family.
Favorite vacation spot: Myrtle Beach
Years coaching swimming: I have been coaching swimming off and on since 1997. This is my third year coaching with EAC.
Favorite thing about coaching swimming: I love helping swimmers improve their technique and achieve personal best times.
Advice for EAC swimmers: You’re only racing the clock! 


Andrew Foltz Asst. Coach

I have been coaching for 7+ years.   I grew up swimming for EAC and am excited to be back to coach with the program!

Coaching Experience: 

  • Mount Joy Swim Team, 7 years (2011 - Present)
  • Lancaster Catholic High School, 3 Year (2014-2017)
  • Also coached high school football for 4 years

The greatest reward that I find in coaching is seeing swimmers have fun and being successful in their endeavors.  I also enjoy seeing the camaraderie built amoung swimmers as friends, family, and teammates.   

My favorite: Color - Orange; Food - BBQ Ribs; Holiday - Thanksgiving... A day filled with family, food, and football!!  Swim stroke - Breaststroke (and a big fan of any relays)

Advice for swimmers: "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it." Set goals, truly believe in yourself, and have fun during the process of woring to achieve what you desire.