Deck Access


Only registered and current coaches, athletes, officials and meet personnel are allowed on deck or in locker rooms. Access to the pool deck may only be granted to any other individual in the event of emergency through approval by the Meet Director or Meet Referee. The General Chair of Michigan Swimming, the Program Operation Vice-Chair of Michigan Swimming, the Officials Chair of Michigan Swimming, and staff of the Michigan Swimming Office are authorized deck personnel at all Michigan Swimming sanctioned meets. Personal assistants/helpers of disability athletes should be permitted when requested by a disability athlete or coach of disability athletes.

All individuals seeking access to the pool deck must show a valid digital USA Swimming membership card reflecting good standing in order to receive a deck creditials.  The credentials must be displayed at all times during the meetand will include the host team name as well as the function of the individual being granted access to the pool deck (Coach, Official, Timer, Meet Personnel). Coaches and Officials must be current in all certifications through the final date of the meet. Meet personnel should return the credential at the conclusion of working each day and be reissued a credential daily.

All other access points to the pool deck should be locked to restrict access (maintaining fire code standards) or a safety marshal should be present to check credentials. Any access points to the pool deck or locker rooms should be staffed and credentials checked throughout the duration of the meet.

Meet Directors and Meet Referees should work with facilities used for both the meet event and regular patronage in order to maintain the above procedures.

This rule does apply to all sanctioned and approved meets.

Any host team found in violation of this rule will be fined $500 payable to Michigan Swimming. This fee must be paid to Michigan Swimming before any further meets are sanctioned for the meet host.

Any violations should be immediately reported to the Michigan Swimming Operational Risk Chair, Dr. Melissa Millerick-May, at [email protected].

Excerpted: Michigan Swimming, Inc. Rules and Procedures (pg. 25-26); March 23, 2017