Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training (APT)



All non-athlete members, applicable adults and athletes age 18+ are required to complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT). 

New members will be required to be registered with USA Swimming and Michigan Swimming before they can sign in to complete the course. Use the "Members" tab above to select your role and receive additional information about registering.

This certification is required for all new and existing members including coaches, officials, chaperones and meet directors. If you are registering with USA Swimming for the first time, this course applies to you. 

The course is free of charge and completion status will be updated in your membership record within 24 hours. Initiate the course from your USA Swimming member account.


To complete the Athlete Protection Training Certification, please follow the directions below:

  1. Log-in to your USA Swimming account at
  2. Select "Education" from the top navigation menu, and select "Course Catalog"
  3. Select "All Courses" from the USA Swimming University menu
  4. Locate the course with "Athlete Protection Training" in its name; you take the "Core" course in your first year and then take a refresher course each of the next three years until the four-year cycle resets


You must complete click "Submit" at the end of the course, so that it will appear in SWIMS and match to your member record. Once you have fulfilled the requirement there will be a check mark on the course and you will be able to download your certificate from the US Center for Safe Sport website.

Once you have completed your courses, your membership record will update within 24 hours with a new APT expiration date. If your member record does not update, e-mail [email protected] with your full name, member ID, and course certificate. Michigan Swimming cannot manually update your course completion.

Your APT will expire 12 months after you complete the course.