The EDGE Swim Club is a year-round USA Swimming team that works with both the development and national level swimmers ages 6 and up. Regardless if you are a novice, beginner, or a national level competitor, the EDGE provides the necessary resources to help you succeed in the pool for those meeting the program’s skill and ability requirements. The EDGE accomplishes this by:

  • Maintaining a professional, energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable coaching staff.
  • Maintaining open and clear lines of communication.
  • Encouraging, supporting, and challenging athletes toward personal and team growth. 
  • Providing high-quality training facilities and resources.

When an individual joins the EDGE swim club, they are treated as a highly valuable and important individual, but more importantly, they are welcomed to a family and community that values all with equal weight, regardless of their accolades. EDGE swimmers will learn skills and develop a lifetime love of the water.




The EDGE Swim Club's mission is to offer the local community the very best in educational, nutritional, and competitive swim training in a safe and positive environment by utilizing the many professional resources available on-site, such as physical therapy, dietitians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and state-of-the-art studio and fitness centers.



Core Values

* Have fun 

* Display excellent sportsmanship - respect for self and others

* Teammates are your friends and family

* Win the EDGE way - by knowing you gave it your all




The EDGE Swim Club's vision is: to enable all swimmers to develop a high level of comfort in the water and to offer opportunities to achieve at all levels of the sport by displaying sportmsanship and honest efforts. 



What EDGE Swimmers Focus on - Beyond the Strokes

Fun: EDGE swimmers learn that fun does not just come from medals, victories, games, and distractions. Our swimmers learn that fun comes in many forms. From achieving a goal that you know you worked hard for and watching your teammate do the same to enjoying the great company of your EDGE family!

Sportsmanship: EDGE swimmers learn that respect for others is extremely important. Wishing your opponent good luck before their race, shaking their hands at the conclusion of a race and telling them "great job!" are actions both taught and required on the EDGE.

Family: The EDGE swim club is more than a team, it is a family. The EDGE encourages comradery between all ages and encourages our oldest athletes to give back to our program and all athletes.

Winning the EDGE Way: Winning the EDGE way is simple - you won if you know you gave it your all. Did you work hard in that set? This practice? This week? This meet? Did you make sure to cheer and support your teammates? Were you focused on taking care of yourself and others? If you answer yes, then you won - regardless of the outcome. The EDGE is not an externally motivated team. The EDGE is a process driven team. When we focus on the process, and on being present with our teammates, family, and coaches, the results will always take care of themselves. Win the EDGE way!



75 Eastwood Drive
South Burlington, Vermont 05403