It is the responsibility of all EDGE coaches, parents, and swimmers to be familiar with our Team Policies. 


  • Suits & Apparel
    • Wearing the team t-shirt at swim meets is a requirement. No apparel from another team is to be displayed by the EDGE when at a meet
    • Wearing the team suit is a requirement at all summer dual meets, Long Course invitational meets, and Short Course invitational meets.
      • Swimmers may elect to wear race/technical suits at championship meets pursuant to our Competition Policy.
      • At the head coach's discretion only, an exception may be made for invitational meets if the meet follows a trials/finals format.
    • EDGE caps only when on the EDGE swim club. 
    • If you purchase other EDGE apparel, display it at all meets you attend!
  • Conduct
    • Have fun!  Learning new skills and improve. Encourage and interact with your teammates. Participate in all team functions.
    • Win the EDGE way - knowing you gave it your all, both in and out of the pool.
    • Treat all teammates with respect.
    • Treat all swimmers on other teams with respect - you represent yourself, your family, your team, and your community.
    • Treat EDGE staff and equipment with respect


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