Tiger Shark Meets

We will host two multi-team meets per year at Mexico. Typically one in October and one in January. We strongly encourage all Tiger Shark Swimmers to attend these meets! Outside of that we try to attend 1 meet per month hosted throughout Central NY. Typically anywhere from the Syracuse area to Webster/Rochester to Ithaca.

What to Bring to a Swim Meet:

  1. Team suit, cap and goggles (an extra pair of goggles is a good idea!).

  2. Something warm and comfortable to wear between events.

  3. Atleast 2 Towels, probably 3.

  4. Water bottles!

  5. Some kind of shoes.

  6. Something to sit and lie on. Example: sleeping bag, old blanket, or anything that will be comfortable to sit on. The swimmers will be spending a lot of time on it.

  7. Chairs especially for non-swimmers - most pools don’t have much seating on deck so bring your own chairs.

  8. Some form of entertainment, especially for the younger swimmers.

  9. Snacks and lots of liquids – fruits, carbohydrates, and non-carbonated drinks.  Host clubs also have snack and drinks for sale at meets and the money they raise supports their team.

What to expect when you arrive at the pool:

  • Try to arrive atleast 15 minutes prior to the start of Warm-Ups or be on the lookout for emails prior to the meet and you will be told the expected arrival time there as well.

  • Find your team and set up camp in the designated waiting area, usually a Gym or Cafeteria.  Mexico often brings a team banner, otherwise look for familiar faces. 

  • Check the program to verify your child’s events.  The coaches usually post a listing of swimmers, events and relays too.

  • Generally, girls events are odd-numbered and boys events are even-numbered. Example: "Event #26, 10-Under Boys, 50 freestyle"  Just remember: Event, Heat, Lane and you will have little trouble keeping track at the meet.

  • When you are seated make a checklist in your mind: Cap, Goggles, Event, Heat, Lane.  Other stuff like towel, robe and flip flops is up to the swimmer.  

  • After the heat is over, the swimmer goes to the coach to talk about the heat, then the swimmer can go back to the seating area to wait to be called for the next event.


Once your swimmer has reported to the waiting area, find a seat in the pool well before the event starts.  Remember, if pool seating is limited, try not to take up too much space.

At most meets there is a scoreboard that will show your swimmers time after they swim. This is not the final/official time but in 99% of cases it will be the same.

Applaud your swimmer’s efforts and emphasize self-improvement. Not every swim will be a best time and that is perfectly normal, we can see improvements in a number of ways that are not just the time on the scoreboard.

Before leaving the meet please have your swimmer confirm with the coach on deck that they are done for the meet and let them know they are leaving so we are not looking around for them later in the session. At some of the larger meets we like to have swimmers stay around and cheer each other on, but for most of the normal meets your swimmers are free to go after they finish all their events.