Welcome to the Mexico Tiger Sharks Swim Club!

All of our swimmers are members of USA Swimming.  Our team is a year-round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor. We are a non-profit club, run by an elected Board of Directors, which meets each month. All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraiser.


Swimmers must be registered to practice and compete in each session.  Registration for returning members is completed online via our website, new members will complete forms at the time of tryout/stroke evaluation.   The registration policies are as follows (not limited to):

1- Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Registration will be denied if a balance from a previous session, (including meet fees), are in arrears.

2- Absolutely no refunds will be issued after the start of each session. If you are a new swimmer, please utilize the trial week to confirm if you would like to register for the session.

3- Meet fees are due at the time of entering for a meet. Please speak to your coach prior to entering a meet to confirm if your coach will be available to attend that meet.

4- Team Unify will disable an Account with an outstanding balance from the prior month. All payments will be posted to accounts within 5 Business Days.

5-Additional Swimmer(s) family discount is applied to the swimmers in the lowest swim group.

6-At the start of the new swim season, parents and swimmers must sign a new Code of Conduct.

7-Completed Registration forms and payment(s) can be mailed to Mexico Tiger Sharks, P.O. Box 505, Mexico, NY 13114


USA Swim Fee:

Each swimmer must register with USA Swimming to be a member of the Mexico Tiger Sharks Swim Club. This is now done individually through the USA Swimming Portal. Swimmer can not compete in practice or meets unless they have an active USA Swimming Membership. Please reach out to us if you are running into issues with registration.

Swimmers currently registered with a YMCA team, looking to participate at Y States and interested in becoming a member of the Mexico Tiger Sharks Swim Club must register with USA Swim as “Unattached”.  Please inform the METS Board Members of this prior to completing the registration forms.  Thank you.

Locker Rooms:

METS shares the locker rooms with the school and the community.  We recommend swimmers leave their bags and belongings in the pool hallway or on the deck during practice.  We encourage swimmers to behave and discourage parents from entering the locker rooms/changing areas unless it’s truly necessary.  Please familiarize yourself with the Locker Room Policy and review with your swimmer(s).



Our primary means of communication is email, METS will send out weekly emails with club updates, swim meet information and changes to the practice schedule. New swim parents will receive a Team Unify verification email shortly after registration; this will allow parents to access your swimmer's account and receive team emails.  Each account allows for 3 email addresses but only one email can be the login email.   If your email address has changed, please contact the club administrators so we can update your account.

METS sends out several emails weekly, if a member’s account is not receiving team emails, Team Unify recommendations include adding [email protected]  AND [email protected]   to your contacts and check your spam/junk folder for any team emails, marking them as "not spam". 

Signing up for Swim Meets:

The Head Coach will send out an email for the upcoming meet, requesting parents to accept or decline for their swimmer(s).  Meets can fill up quickly; we want our swimmers to have the opportunity to compete so please accept/decline before the deadline.  Check out our Team Events, select "Edit Commitment" and follow the prompts.  Parents have the option of selecting the race(s) for their swimmer(s) or ask the Head Coach in the "Note" section to select the races for your swimmer(s).

Meet relays are a team bonding experience, swimmers enjoy the opportunity to compete with their friends and we try to include as many swimmers as we can.  Relays are often at the end of a meet session so if your swimmer can not stay for the whole meet, please indicate in the “Note” section, “No Relays”.  If swimmers are assigned a relay, they are expected to stay for the whole meet to compete, relay fees are non-refundable.

Most meets are open to all swimmers to compete.  The Niagara Championship Qualifier (Silvers), Niagara LSC Championship (Golds), Zones, Speedo Sectionals and Futures all have qualifying time standards.  Swimmers must make the qualifying time to compete in these meets.


Meet Fees:

To compete in a swim meet, the host team charges a fee per race and a deck fee.  After the meet registration is closed, the meet event summary report will be sent out via email.  Please review the report, check your swimmers’ races and fees for accuracy.  Payment is due within 5 days of receiving this report or when the invoice is assigned to your account. Payment on-line with credit card is preferred, but if paying with cash or check, please place in a marked envelope in the lockbox outside the pool.



To run a successful swim meet, METS needs volunteers.  It is expected that each swim family volunteer at our home meet. This could include but is not limited to setup, program table, timing, concession stand, and cleanup. It is also expected that each family will assist with a food donation to support our concession stand and hospitality room for coaches and officials. Proceeds from our swim meets support club expenses and most importantly help to keep the cost of swimmer registrations affordable.  The METS Swim Club is known in the Niagara Swimming LSC for running the best meets with helpful volunteers and great hospitality!!

Our meets are fun for all swimmers, parents, visitors and volunteers.  Each meet is a theme and we encourage swimmers and volunteers to dress the part!  Our coaches have appeared as Fred & Wilma (Flintstones), Buzz Lightyear & Woody (Toy Story), Danny & the Greasers (Grease), The Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss), and many more! 

Swim Apps for the Parent & Swimmers:

Deck Pass is an online portal that allows parents/swimmers to check membership status as well as track swimmers’ times and receive digital incentives.  USA swim members can track their best times, set goals and check their IMX scores.  Deck Pass allows you to connect with friends and share achievements. 

Meet Mobile is an essential app for swimmers and parents, providing real-time meet results and standings from anywhere!  Follow your favorite swimmers & teams check out psych sheet.  This app is a must for all parents!

On Deck Parent is a Team Unify app offering up to date information on your swimmer, best times, meet history and receive notifications/messages from the Head coach.

Team Suits:

METS is a Speedo sponsored team; our team suits and apparel are available at a discount through The Deep End's Team Locker Room.  Swimmers interested in Speedo products not offered in our team locker room should contact Jill, The Deep End representatives to request pricing and availability.

At the start of the Fall Session, a user name and password for the METS team locker room at The Deep End will be sent via email to parents.  Team suits and apparel ordered as part of our Fall Session team order will be shipped to the club & distributed to the parents; shipping is free with this order.  Items ordered after the Fall Session team order, will be shipped to the parent's home and shipping fees will be applied.

The Mexico Tiger Sharks have a contract with Speedo, as a club we are encouraged to endorse the Speedo logo and products. The Speedo logo can be found on our coaches’ apparel, team suits, meet programs, swimmer's apparel and team banner.  On our website, The Deep End icon will link to our team locker room offering Speedo team suits, Speedo apparel and Speedo equipment at 20% off suggested retail prices.  Speedo provides The Mexico Tiger Sharks with Speedo apparel for all of our coaches, a team banner, product discounts and other benefits. 

Speedo Meet Outfitting/Championship Suits:

Speedo Tech Suits can be purchased from our team dealer, The Deep End.  Its recommended swimmers should be sized for these suits; please contact The Deep End early.  Swimmers attending these meets are eligible for a 25% discount on Speedo items purchased for meet-specific team outfitting.  This includes tech suits, apparel, bags, etc.   Tech Suits will not have a team logo.


Have Questions?? Please contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Either reach out at the Contact Us Page or contact the board or coach directly.