Apparel & Equipment


Team Suits

  • Team suits can be purchased through our partner Making Waves. 

  • Team suits are not mandatory, but are encouraged. 

  • CLICK HERE to visit our team vendor MAKING WAVES Store

Team Caps

  • Team caps can be purchased from your coaches at practice or at meets. 

  • Team caps are mandatory at all swim meets. 

  • All swimmers will receive one free latex cap when joining the team.

  • Replacement caps can be purchased for $10 (latex) or $20 (silicon). Coaches will bill your team unify account via the On Deck app.

Training Equipment

  • All swimmers are required to have training equipment for each practice. CLICK HERE to view the equipment required for each training group. 

  • Members are encouraged to purchase equipment through our team store via MAKING WAVES (CLICK HERE). 

  • You may also purchase comparable equipment else where ( is a great place to find swim gear).