About Hydra Aquatics


Hydra Aquatics Ohio is a not-for-profit, aquatics provider in central Ohio empowering individuals to be champions in and out of the water. Our main priority is supporting the aquatics’ community as a whole. Established in late 2020, during the pandemic, Hydra Aquatics opened its fall/winter facility to various organizations which offer opportunities in the water.

Our community-oriented organization supports our own thriving swim team that has been very successful growing exponentially each year. Our extremely successful self-designed, swim lesson program to teach water safety skills as well as developing strong technique in the emerging young swimmer. We take pride in developing a lifelong love of the water for our swimmers.




Questions about Hydra Aquatics?



For swim team questions: Contact Coach Jeff at [email protected] for high school-level questions and Coach Hayden at hayden@hydraaquaticsohio.com for middle school and elementary age group swimmers.


For questions about our swim lesson program, contact hali@hydraaquaticsohio.com.


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The driving force behind Hydra Aquatics--its board and coaches--is facilitating a community of individuals that feel supported, experience personal growth, build confidence, develop strong work ethic, and experience success in and out the water. Opportunities are available to individuals through Hydra Aquatics which serves as the umbrella for the aquatics’ community of central Ohio and surrounding areas.



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