Age: 8 & Under
Attendance Expectation: 2 times per week
Focus: introduce swimmers to competitive swimming with the goal of increasing the efficiency of freestyle and backstroke and teaching breaststroke and butterfly. Learning the proper technique for push-offs and streamlining is a top priority in this group. Starts, turns, basic practice etiquette, interval training, and clock reading are also introduced. 

Sea Dragons
Age: 9 to 12 
Attendance Expectation: 3 times per week
Focus: instilling proper technique in all four strokes as well as starts, turns and more advanced interval training. Swimmers will continue to work on effective push-offs and streamlines. Flip turns are developed and used consistently in practice for both freestyle and backstroke. Legal turns are prioritized for butterfly, breaststroke and the individual medley. Swimmers will work toward a better understanding of interval training and clock reading.  

Age: 11 to 13
Attendance Expectation: 4 times per week
Focus: skill development and physical conditioning is a high priority as swimmers complete more advanced interval training while maintaining a focus on proper form and execution. Flip turns for Freestyle and Backstroke and legal turns for Breaststroke, Butterfly and Individual Medley are expected.  Dryland training is introduced for most of the group.  Swimmers will begin to take on leadership roles in and out of the pool by demonstrating respectful attitudes and leading by example for the younger swimmers.

Junior Hydra
Age: 13 to 14 
Attendance Expectation: 5 times per week
Focus: advanced training techniques are introduced as the swimmers transition from age group swimming to higher levels of competition. All prior technique work and strength training is further developed at this level. Swimmers are encouraged to focus on becoming leaders both in and out of the pool by being on time and putting forth their best effort while maintaining a positive attitude. At this level, swimmers are introduced to the benefits of healthy eating and sleeping habits. Swimmers will be positive representatives of Hydra Aquatics when participating with his/her school team.
Senior Hydra
Age: High School 
Attendance Expectation: 6 times per week
Focus: swimmers in this group view swimming as a high priority and endeavor to achieve at an elite level.  Swimmers take ownership of their own performance by training to maximize their ability in and out of the water. Senior level swimmers serve as role models for the younger swimmers by using good sportsmanship and by creating a fun and exciting training experience. At this level, swimmers are responsible for their actions in and out of the pool including healthy eating and proper sleeping habits.  Swimmers will be positive representatives of Hydra Aquatics when participating with his/her high school team.