Please refer to Coach Bobby's weekly emails for the most up to date information about practice days and times. Updated 07/2022

Bronze Squad - 70 min. practice sessions - 3xWeek.  Stroke Introduction (Ages 5-11) Novice swimmers, entry level squad.  Focus is learning the basic fundamentals of the 4 strokes with emphasis on the long-axis strokes (Freestyle & Backstroke).

Silver Squads - 70 min. practice sessions - 4xWeek.  Stroke Advancement (Ages 8-12)  Proficient swimmers in all 4 strokes.  Swimmers will develop strength and endurance through stroke drill work and aerobic activity.  Racing skills more prominent during practice routine as preparation for competition becomes a priority.

Gold Squad - 100 min. practice sessions - 5xWeek.  Stroke Refinement (Ages 11-15)  Advanced & experienced swimmers.  Members are goal-oriented to a seasonal plan of practice commitment and involvement in team competition.  Practices consist of anaerobic and aerobic activities that will challenge swimmers physically and mentally to achieve their swimming potential.

Senior Squad - 120 min. practice sessions - 8xWeek. Stroke Mastery (Ages 14-18)  Highly motivated, experienced and advanced swimmers.  Swimmers will participate in AM practice sessions along with PM & some weekend practice sessions.  Athletes will continue to master their stroke technique in all 4 strokes, and at the same time begin to focus their attention on what they specialize in for competition.

  • Ages listed above are a guide, and exceptions will be made.
  • DDAC Swimmers are expected to attend 80% of scheduled practices. 
  • Competition - Swim Meet participation is expected for all DDAC Swimmers.
  • Each squad will have dryland activities involved in the practice sessions.