DDAC Scholarships: The DDAC Board reviews scholarship applications on a seasonal basis. Scholarship applications are accepted at the beginning of each Short Course and Long Course Season. Funds are limited and granted to swimmers who have dedicated a full year or more with DDAC, with 80% attendance or better, and whose account is in good standing. We make every effort to support all swimmers in need. 

  • Scholarships may be awarded for monthly dues per season. Scholarships will cover a percentage of the seasonal costs for monthly dues, but will NOT fully cover all dues.

  • Scholarship application will be reviewed by a select committee that will consist of a coach, a board member and a swim parent.

  • Applications can be placed in the black box hanging on the wall behind the front desk at the pool. 

  • Applications for the Short Course Season must be submitted by 10/31 in order to be considered. 

Scholarship Application for Dues Assistance - English

Scholarship Application for Dues Assistance - Русский

Scholarship Application for Dues Assistance - Español

Scholarship Application for Dues Assistance - Tiếng Việt

USA Swimming Registration Outreach Program: This program is open and is separate from DDAC. This program assists with the annual USA Swimming Registration fee only. For the 2023-2024 year this fee is $80. If your family is eligible for food stamps, a copy of your food stamp card or award letter is required. 

The outreach program reduces the USA Reg fee of $80 to just $5. To be apply for this program, please click on the following link when registering for USA Swimming: https://omr.usaswimming.org/omr/welcome/D522F34682EA48

Treasurer - Robin Young:  [email protected]