What’s the difference between Molly Dies’ Dance Express & Molly Dies’ Dance Unlimited?
MDDE (which it’s commonly called, aka Dance Express, DE, Intensive Program) is our Intensive Dance Program at the dance studio. This is an audition based program for the above-average dancer in a pre-professional setting — these dancers have committed to the Art of dance and all that it holds. They take multiple dance classes per week/weekend throughout the year, perform locally, and compete regionally and nationally. MDDU (formerly Linda Dies' Dance Unlimited) is our Recreational Program — this program is offered from age 3 to Seniors in high school (with the occasional Adult classes offered). We offer all styles of dance in a non-competitive, fun, educational, social atmosphere, where our students learn high quality dance education from our qualified, dance educated staff. *No matter what program you’re dancing in, our mission is to create a positive atmosphere full of opportunities for dancers to grow, learn and explore artistically and personally. Each student is encouraged to set the pace and directions that works best for him or her, and will be challenged to achieve personal and attainable goals through hard work and dedication, and to create memories to treasure forever

How long is the Dance Year? and do I pay for all 6 months?
MDDU's dance season is now 6 months — September thru April, *no pay December or January. We also take off for only major Holidays (Halloween (if it's on a dance day), Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter) and the occasional snow days (tis the area).  Tuition is based upon a 24-week/6-month payment plan, regardless of the number of classes held in that month. It is broken up on a monthly basis over 6-months, but can be paid yearly (-10%), or 1-month, 3-month increments at a time. We are bringing back PAY-IN-FULL discount of (-) 10% off total year (6 months) fee. Classes meet once a week and vary in times based on age & style. Our calendar year (check out Year At-A-Glance page, is based off a 24-week schedule <--one "free" snow day!). ALL class fees are now BUNDLED with Recital ~ your monthly pay gets you = class, recital costume & tights, individual & group digital photo, recital t-shirt, recital program book, recital 2 VIP passes. 

Do you still have Dance Classes when the kids don’t have school for “Professional Days” or “Teacher Conferences”?
YES WE DO!!  Year-at-a-glance holds the Dance Holidays!

How much do Dance Classes cost?
ALL class fees are now BUNDLED with Recital ~
--> the below amount/your monthly pay gets you = class, recital costume & tights, individual & group digital photo, recital t-shirt, recital program book, recital 2 VIP passes.

30-35 mins = $60
40-45 mins = $65
50 mins Kinderdance combo = $70
60 mins. Combo 1 combo = $80
75 mins. Combo 2 combo = $90
90 mins Combo 3 combo = $110
105 mins. Combo 4 combo = $120

We offer discounts for:

  • multiple classes taken  -$5.00/each additional class of that dancer
  • year-in-full pay (-)10%

Who do I make my checks payable to?
DANCE UNLIMITED <—payments go in the inside studio mailbox, down the hall by dressing room entrance — it’s Teal. Checks do not need to be in an envelope; Cash does need to be in envelope; Credit/Debit Card = see below. SINCE PARENTS CAN'T ENTER DANCE STUDIO, CHECK/CASH PAYMENTS CAN BE DROPPED IN THE SECURE BLACK MAILBOX ON OUTSIDE WALL BY STUDIO BE ENTRANCE.

Do you take credit cards?
We do! These are inputted on our GoMotion mollydiesdance.com website/system.  You enter card and enroll in Autopay.  There is a 3.9% processing fee for every credit card purchase. Payments will be made on website.  We also accept Cash & Check. ($30 returned check fee)
We will accept Venmo @mddudance

How do I register for classes?
Registration is on our website ~ and begins JUNE 15 and goes through October 15.  CLICK HERE, for registration!

What does my dancer wear to class?
Since this is a dance class, we do ask dancers to wear dance attire. For our little kids, tights & a leotard and a skirt and/or dance shorts. Convertible tights are needed for all Acro involved classes (this pair of tights has a hole in the bottom so it can be converted up over feet to expose barefoot). For older dancers they can wear what they feel comfortable moving in, leggins, tights & leo with t-shirt and moveable shorts over — please never Jeans, sweatsuits, or clothes that would restrict movement. Check out our Dress Code page

Where do I buy Dance Clothing?
We now have an online shop!!!  You can buy MDDU approved Dance Shoes as well as DanceWear and Tights.  Here's the link: WWW.SHOPNIMBLY.COM/MOLLYDIESDANCE  You can also look at such stores as Walmart, Justice, Target, & online dance stores. We ALWAYS have Tights in stock, and provide quality dancer tights that are soft to the touch and offer the convertible bottom.

How much do Dance Shoes cost & where do I get them?
Depending on the style of dance your dancer is taking, shoes range from $25.00 to $35.00. YES you do need a specific style shoe for each class you are in. We offer a Shoe Sale in August where dancers can come in and get fitted for dance shoes (cause they don’t run by street shoe size!) and purchase either new or used shoes. We give the opportunity to our dance families to bring in used dance shoes, apparel, etc. to sell consignment style. The items sold for you will be taken off your dance costume balance in January. *please do not purchase dance shoes at Walmart or Amazon.  We now have an Online Store to purchase MDDU Dance Shoes! WWW.SHOPNIMBLY.COM/MOLLYDIESDANCE

Are Dance Costumes expensive?
They are included in your monthly fee!!!! 

Do you have a Recital?
We do!

Does my dancer have to be in the Recital?
No! If they just want to parttake in classes and not the commitment of the Recital, that is fine with us! We just have to know by Thanksgiving break!

What if my dancer misses classes?
It’s Ok! Attendance is important, as we teach on progression, but we will do our best to get them caught up. If there are multiple classes throughout the week of that class, then YES you can make it up in THAT class! Tuition is based upon month, not on attendance.

Why should my child dance?
Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Regular dance practice can increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively…and it’s really fun!