LINK TO THE COSTUME and PICTURE Instructions BY CLASS!!!!!  <--click here!

YouTube link to: HIGH BUN TUTORIAL


RECITAL TICKETS = please read the picture!  Monthly Fee Bundle does include "2 VIP Tickets" for each dancer to their show. 
~ All MDDU/MDDE Graduated Alumni and Current Students get into any show at no cost.  
~ Ticket Link for presale tickets =
~ Tickets CAN be purchased at the door with Cash 
-->ALL Ticket Sales are $5.00 













2023 Recital PROGRAM BOOK

Picture Week went SO well!!  Enjoying each and every day and all the memories made along the way! 

To make it a little bit easier..and not as much as scrolling...I've also made individual day LINKS! 





MAKEUP Pictures


ALL pictures together!!!


These pictures are yours to do as you wish! ENJOY!  

Photo Buttons can be ordered at anytime ~ forever and always, no date limit ~ fill out order form and turn in (on costume form) or email your order.  $5.00/button. Email photo button order.


Thanks again for a fabulous week,

Miss Molly


Click Here ---> RECITAL BROCHURE!!!!!





ALL dancer's RECITAL (and pictures) HAIR is a HIGH BUN!! Here's an awsome tutorial by DE Member Noel Alexander! Thanks Noel!

PICTURE WEEK is scheduled for March 27 - March 30 ~ costumes/tights/info went home week of March 13th. *dancer's arrive to their class with costume on, hair in high bun (no matter what picture shows), costume pieces/dance shoes in Dance Bag.  If have more than one dance class in a night, bring all your costumes with you (in a garment bag of some sorts) to change at studio in dressing room.  


     .             .         







2022 Recital PROGRAM BOOK


Happy Friday, 4/29!

We are 18 days from the start of RECITAL WEEK!!!  Woot woot!!!  Here's your go-to guide for "All Things Recital"!  Click on Links

Recital Brochure (sent home week of April 25)   BROCHURE

Home Study Dance Videos:  LINK To Vimeo Videos





Brochure = handy-dandy in your fingertips brightly colored brochure sent home this past week, explains recital setup (attached in this email as well) If your dancer was absent, they'll get this week!

Vimeo site = MDDU dances so your dancer can follow along with recitla choreo

Photo Link = you get to download/save use these photos however you'd like (no cost)

Photo Buttons = $5.00/button ~ can order through dance recital.  Form above, or just email: [email protected] with dancer name and Qty.

Program Ad = A beautiful, in color, keepsake full of dance class pictures, names, and personal ads. Order due strict deadline: Thursday, May 12th.  Save money by creating your own!  See "order form" link above.



Have a GREAT weekend!!!

~ Miss Molly


Yay!! Our last night of photos...and the whole photo week, was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS!!!! SO much fun! And everyone looked JUST FABULOUS!!
Here is the Dance Photo Link ~
Album is in picture order of:
~ Tuesday Classes
~ Wednesday Classes
~ Thursday Classes
~ Monday Classes
*so you may have to scroll down to find your dancer's photos!
When viewing the Album, scroll down to find your dancer's class (every night's class is in this album! so you may have to scroll a little)
You'll see..(not necessarily in this order)...
1. Individual Photo (full body shot)
2. Button Photo (that's the one on the stool..the actual button will not show said stool, just the mid-waist & up <--order form will come out later for these, via email
3. Group Photo (class all together)

~These photos are yours to do with what you would like!
~Individual & Group Photo are included in your Costume Fee, and you can do whatever with them! Share them. Print them. Whatever!
~Photo Button will be $5.00/button and ordered via email, at later date.

To save photo...hold down and "add to pictures" ~ OR ~ click the 3 buttons and select DOWNLOAD. VOILA!! There ya go!!! ENJOY!!!!
Yay Dance Photos!!!! Enjoy!!!
~ Miss Molly <--your dance photo photograher








LAST YEAR'S RECITAL, 2020-2021 INFORMATION IS LISTED BELOW (so you can see how organized and communicative we are! =)


Recital 2021 "Keep Calm & Dance On" is officially in the books ~ and we couldn't be happier, more proud, or just so calm & danced on! ;). Yay to an AWESOME 2020-2021 Dance Season, Recital, and memories for a lifetime! Thank you all for a GREAT time!  Below is the link to the Recital Program Book --> digital copy ~ each dancer was handed a physical Program Book at end of their recital (along with Recital T-shirt), same thing below just in digital format! Please feel free to share with your family and friends! (If you're in need of a physical Program Book, just email us today!) 

We hope you have a safe & happy summer!  *Will be in touch with a DVD email order form of the whole show! Summer Dance Camp Registration Opened yesterday, 2021-2022 season opens June 15th!

Keep Calm & Dance On! FOREVER!!! Love, Miss Molly & Staff of MDDU!

*And On behalf of the Dance Express Company dancers & parents, a BIG THANK YOU for all the flower sales, 50/50, boutique items, cotton candy, popcorn, water, etc. purchased throughout Recital Week! This fundraiser event is given to the Dance Company each year, completely parent run and not associated with the studio ~ ALL proceeds go directly to the Intensive Dancers/Competition Team. And they say...THANK YOU!!!







Click on link for pdf!




DU Email sent out ~ Sat. 5/8 @ 10:55am

Happy Rainy Saturday!

I made a short tutorial video on where and how to enter The Salvation Army for CLASSES THIS WEEK!!!!! 

Video Link:

Meet at Salvation Army for classes this week, week of May 10th!! Exactly like you would at dance studio, just at Salvation Army (311 Beech Street, Warren) instead!!

~Normal Class time/schedule/protocol (door will open 5 mins. before your class time)
~Both Studio A and Studio B dancers will enter thru same door!
~NOT entering thru Main Entrance this week, but the door just off to the side (Clearly marked in video!)
~NO costumes, just normal dancewear and don't forget dance bag/dance shoes!!

See ya soon!!!

~ Miss Molly

DU Email sent out ~ Sun. 5/2 @ 3:06pm


For the safety of all, we did photos in-house again this year by Miss Grayce Thomas, and the price was covered in your costume balance ~ so that means you are absolutely free to do whatever you'd like with these photos!  Print them out however you want, circulate them however you want <---you do whatever! They are all yours! If you're not happy with them, you can have them retaken by your favorite photographer! All good!  We just suggest for the best quality photo you don't screenshot the photos, but yet click those 3 buttons on top right corner of picture and download them! We have a video on how to do so on facebook page/website! Super simple!  And again, do whatever you'd like with those photos!  

--->Please make sure you look through all the photos for your dancer before you think it's not there.  Sometimes they get out of order.   IF you have looked and can't find, just simply email us and we will get it uploaded or point you in the right direction! :)




Every dancer was posed for a photo button. Photo Buttons are the only thing we print out and put together for you ~ and the cost is: $5.00/button.  You'll notice when you look at the photo link you'll see a picture of the dancer sitting on a stool <--that's the photo we recommend for your photo button! It will be an up-close photo on a 3.5" button ~ that can proudly be displayed by your dancer's fan club! (and they make for a great memory keepsake!). To order a photo button you just simply EMAIL us ~ with the following:  Dancer's Name.  Photo # OR a description/class/costume of the photo to be used.  Quantity of buttons.  We've made an email form by clicking here: PHOTO BUTTON ORDER.  The cost is: $5.00/button and the total amount will be charged to your GoMotion/MDDU account where you can pay how you normally pay ~ card, check, venmo (@mddudance). When buttons are made they will be handed to your dancer the following week in class.  The sooner you order, the sooner you'll get! ;). No deadline on these, as we can always make photo buttons! *We will confirm when we receive your email order. Any picture can be a photo button, we just recommend the best turnout by any on the stool! Individual. Sisters. Cousins. Friends. Those will all work!



Now that you have your photos, you can create your own Program Ad for your dancer (or have me do it)!  Each year I PRINT an 8.5 x 11 Program Book, which each dancer will receive during their recital (along with their recital t-shirt) ~ this is a great memory book that holds all dance recital memories (and more) of that year.  We pride ourselves on our awesome program books.  There will be a printed version handed to dancer, as well as an electronic virtual program link you can send out to family members!  There's a 50% chance the program books will be printed in color this year!!  
There is also no order form these, but again EMAIL us your desire and click here for an email form:  PROGRAM AD ORDER.   
*Full Page Ad = $150.00 (create your own and save $20 so total of $130) = Ad dimension: 6.8 wide x 9.3 high
*Half Page Ad = $85.00 (create your own and save $20 so total of $65) = Ad dimension: 6.8 wide x 4.6 high
*Happy Ad Text = $15.00 (text only, can not create own)
~You will select if you will be creating the ad, or you would like us to create the ad. (If we're creating the ad, send us exactly what you want said as well as what pictures to use!).  I use CANVA to create the Program Book ~ I suggest this app or their website to create your ad! There's a free version that can be used on the app or via their website: and pretty easy to use!  I just need the ad to be in .PNG or .JPG form. 
~The price will be charged to your GoMotion/MDDU account and you can pay from there.   **We will confirm when we receive your email order.

Program Ad Deadlines:
~ If we create your ad = BY Saturday, May 8th
~ If you create your own ad = BY Wednesday, May 12th

Please note: we will always confirm your email order for both Photo Buttons and Program Ads (and literally any email you send me) Please give me 24-48 hours to confirm ~ if I do not confirm, I did not receive.  

DU Email sent out ~ Wed. 4/21 @ 1:00pm
RE: Change of Recitals ~ May 17th & 18th shows! & a small breakdown..of the dates, not by me. haha. :)
When life hands you lemons...well, we're all used to this by now! :). No worries. No stress. We'll go with the flow!!!!
Received a phone call this morning that the Salvation Army (where we are holding our performances of 2021's "Keep Calm & Dance On" Recitals) has to hold the Voting Primary in their gym (location of our performances) and we are now unable to have the Monday May 17th Recitals or the Tuesday May 18th Recitals...on those days. No problem! We will simply bump those recitals to the following week ~ Monday May 24th and Tuesday May 25th *same exact times as previously scheduled. The classes affected are listed below.
This affects the Monday & Tuesday recital dancers ~ which is the:
~ Monday 4:10 Pre-K class. (Recital now Mon. May 24th at 5:00)
~ Monday 5:15 Kinderdance class. (Recital now Mon. May 24th at 5:45)
~ Tuesday 4:20 Combo I class (Recital now Tues. May 25th at 5:00)
~ Tuesday 5:45 Twinkletoes class (Recital now Tues. May 25th at 5:45)
~ Tuesday 6:25 Pre-K class (Recital now Tues. May 25th at 6:30)
**If this affects you as far as vacation or something, please just Email me and we will sort it out! Do not stress!! (I'm a good problem solver ;)
So with this said ~ we will NOW have classes at the Dance Studio those 2 days ~ Monday, May 17th & Monday, May 18th for ALLLLLL our Monday & Tuesday classes! Jazz II, Jazz III, Ballet/Lyrical, Lyrical, Pointe, Jazz/Funks, Taps, Senior Dance!, Pre-K, Kinderdance, Ballet II/III, Tap II/III, Combo I <--any class normally on Monday & Tuesday WILL have classes the 17th & 18th. :)
Aaaannd with all that said ~ we are now able to have/hold a "class week at our performance venue" for the week of May 10th!!!! SO, the week of May 10th ALL classes will no be held at your exact normal class time AT the Salvation Army instead of the Dance Studio!!! Which is fantastic! We get to rehearse where we will perform and less of a shock come performance time! This will NOT be a dress rehearsal. This week will be just regular class attire (NO costumes), just instead of having class the week of May 10th at the studio it will be at the Salvation Army. Exact normal class time. More info will go home with how/where to enter, etc! Don't stress. Just since you're updating calendars, you can update wit this info too! :)
Next, you know me...I'm gonna map this alllll out week-by-week so everyone can follow along with no questions! :). Just give me a day or so for that. I just wanted to give you a head's up and make changes on your calendar now!!!!
But basically....
~this week, week of April 19th = normal class week @ Dance Studio
~next week, week of April 26th = normal class week @ Dance Studio
~week of May 3rd = normal class week @ Dance Studio
~week of May 10th = normal class week @ SALVATION ARMY
~week of May 17th = 17th & 18th normal classes @ Dance Studio, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th RECTAL PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE @ Salvation Army!!!!! KEEP CALM & DANCE ON!!! (not just a clever recital name now!)
Yaaaaaayy Dance!!!! I will put this all in handout form with pictures and fewer words, hand to dancers beginning next week, and post everywhere I always do!!!
(Don't forget, makeup pictures & sibling pictures = this Saturday, April 24th!!!)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
~ Miss Molly

DANCE RECITAL ~ 37th Annual. This year's theme "Keep Calm & Dance On". 

Click on Image to be linked to a pdf of file.


Costume Payments – Costume Deposit: $30.00 per each costume paid in November
*Costume price will include Tights, Individual/Group Costume Photo & Recital T-shirt
*If a dancer will not be in the recital, we need to know by Thanksgiving.

Costume Deposits Will be due October 19-23! 
~ $30/class is due for ALL dance classes.  (If for your dancer is not dancing in the recital, please email us by Thanksgiving Break.)
~ Combo classes (Kinderdance, Combo I, Combo II, Combo III, Ballet/Tap, Jazz/Funk, Ballet/Lyrical = just one $30 deposit.   *If you take, let's say Jazz/Funk AND Ballet/Lyrical that would be $60.) . You just pay $30 for every class you pay for!
~ This is just the deposit, the balance will be due in February ~ Balance is listed below (this does include tights and digital individual/group photo)
~ If you are signed up for auto-pay, this deposit will automatically come out of your account the 1st of the month! :) So no worries to you!
~Everyone else, cash or check made payable to: DANCE UNLIMITED and give to your dancer to hand to their teacher! Or put in our outside studio mailbox ~ 712 Conewango Ave.  

*Pre-K will do only one dance for Recital ~ a  tap dance for Recital 
*Kinderdance will do only one dance for Recital ~ a Tap dance.
*Combo I does a Ballet & Tap dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Combo II does a Tap & Jazz dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Ballet/Tap I will do a Ballet & Tap dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Combo III will do a Ballet, Tap, & Jazz dance for Recital <--one costume with 3 looks

The Costume Remainder Balance to be paid for each class dancer takes,
will be the following:                (if for some reason you did not pay a deposit, add $30 to below number)

  Costume Balance = $40.00/class (includes tights & digital individual/group photo, & recital T-shirt)  Due 1st week of February! 

All dancers will receive a Recital T-shirt.

~the balances will be due beginning the first week of February. Checks made payable to MDDU

If these payments cannot be made at these times, you must phone me (726-2111) or email ([email protected]) and special arrangements can be made. No child will receive her/his costume until payment is paid in full. If a parent does not want their child in the recital, you must tell me by Nov. 21st before Thanksgiving Break. Once a costume is ordered, you are obligated to pay for it. Costumes cannot be returned to the manufacturer!


Dance Pictures will happen during regular class week of:  April 12, 13, 14, 15  (it is the week after Easter Break ~ so please mark your calendars! We'd hate for anyone to miss!) . Dancer comes in during regular class time, dancers only in the picture room (no parents) 

NEW *We will not be hiring outside people this year to take dance photos, we will take all pictures in-house (to help with safety measures) on a pure white background with professional quality look/editing.  The price for an Individual & Group photo ($5.00) has been added to your COSTUME BALANCE total ~ you will be sent a digital website link to download your photo(s) and print however you want.
Button photos will be available at an extra cost, of $5.00 each, and can be ordered on picture day. (Photo Buttons is a fundraiser for the Dance Company.)

~ We will pose and take individual, group, buttons, etc.  Individual/Group pictures are part of costume price, Buttons will be extra
~ More info WILL go home about this ~ we just want you to be aware of the DATES!!  Week of:  April 12th!!!



DANCE RECITAL ~ 37th Annual. This year's theme "Keep Calm & Dance On". 

Each dancer went home with a Yellow Recital BROCHURE the first week of March. It is NEW setup for our 2021 year. NEW Location.  Please read the brochure carefully!  The brochure is pictured at top of this page, click on it for a pdf. Thank you!

Basically All "younger dancers" will attend individual class recitals during the week, Level II/III's will be Friday, and Middle/High School will have two shows on Saturday.  *See slideshow of picture for exact recital times, as well as yellow brochure (handed out and linked above)

New Location = Salvation Army, 311 Beech Street, Warren