REGISTRATION = June 15 - October 15, 2021!!!  (here on website!)

DANCE CLASSES BEGIN:  August 2021 (exact date TBD)


$20 per dancer is due at time of Registration, Non-Refundable

~Twinkletoes – 30 min (Age 3 & 4) – $30/month
~Pre-K– 40 min (Age 4 & 5) – $35/month
~Kinderdance – 50 min (Age 5 & 6) Ballet, Tap, Fitness – $40/month
~Combo I – 75 min (Age 6 & 7) Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Fitness – $50/month
~Combo II – 90 minutes (Age 7 & 8) Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Fitness – $60/month
~Combo III - 100 minutes (Grade 2-5 with no prior training) Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Fitness - $65/month
~Ballet/Tap – 50 min. – $40/month
~Ballet – 45 min. – $35/month
~Lyrical – 45 min. – $35/month
~Tap – 30 min – $30/month
~Jazz – 45 min. – $35/month

~Jazz/Funk – 45 min. (Grades 6 & up) – $35/month
~Jazz/Fitness (Beg. level) – 50 min. – $40/month
~Pointe – 30 min. – $30/month *this is an add-on class, must be of age and skill and take one other dance class
Family Discount – 5% off total fee for 2 children; 10% off total for 3+
Multiple Class Discount – If a dancer is interested in taking more than one style, they get discounted!
      2nd class – $2.00; 3rd class – $4.00; 4th class – $6.00


*Monthly class fees are totalled, divided over the dance season and broken down by the month — regardless of the number of classes for a specific month. This is over a 32-week/9 month period (that does not include Holiday breaks)
One snow day is built in per each class.

- Payment per month is spread out over a 8-month period, no matter how many classes are in that month.   updated 11/23/2020
(There are 28 weeks of Dance, not including Holiday weeks  See our website tab "Year At-A-Glance")
- Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Venmo (@mddudance)  are accepted
- Family Discount – 5% off total fee for 2 children; 10% off total fee for 3 or more
- Multi-Class discounts for multiple classes taken by one dancer.  
 2nd class – $2.00; 3rd class – $4.00; 4th class – $6.00
- Full Year Payment Discount = we will NOT be offering the 2020-2021 season. You may pay year in full at any point, just with no discount.
Late Fee – $10.00
Returned Check Fee – $30.00
*There is a non-refundable $20 Registration fee (at time of registration) & a $30 Costume Deposit per each class (in October).
There are 8 monthly payments –
September through May (NO December pay updated 11/23/2020), no matter how many classes are in a month. (It's over a 28-week period) 
TWO snow day is built in per each class. Payment is due the FIRST CLASS of EACH MONTH. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed to your account if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. If your child is absent the first class of the month, payment should then be sent to the studio:
     712 Conewango Ave, Warren PA 16365.
*We now accept CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.  We encourage you to pay more than one month at a time. There will be a $30.00 service fee charge for all returned checks and a 3.9% processing fee for the convenience of using a credit/debit card.
Please make checks payable to “Dance Unlimited” with YOUR DANCER’S NAME in the MEMO and give to your Dancer to hand to teacher, or can drop in our outside studio mailbox ~ 712 Conewango.  (checks do not have to be in an envelope)
CASH payments must be in an envelope with the dancer(s) name(s) on the front, and also handed to teacher (I would not put cash in outside mailbox). *We will not be responsible for lost cash payments unless there is a receipt.
GoMotion website: Offers Credit Card & Autopay (with a processing fee)
Venmo = @mddudance


Dance Shoes – New & Used sold in August. New shoes range from $20.00-$35.00  *Info will be sent out each summer for Shoe Sale INFO!
*WE held a total of 3 Shoe Sale Weekends, 7 sales for the 2020-2021 season.  We are no longer holding Sales.  Dancer will get measured in class when a moment is available.
Dance Shoes MUST be purchased through our dance studio (we have specific shoes)
Dancewear may be purchased through Walmart, Amazon, etc.  
Can order shoes/apparel throughout the year as need be. Shipping charge may apply.
We ALWAYS have tights in stock!  Check out our DRESS CODE page for the Studio Dress Code.  



NO DANCE (Holiday Breaks)   *These are the ONLY dates we do NOT have dance classes!NO DANCE (Holiday Breaks)   *These are the ONLY dates we do NOT have dance classes!
   Labor Day = Monday, September 7  (missed class made up Monday, November 23rd)
   Winter Break = 7 weeks total = Tues. November 24th thru Thurs. January 7th (classes resume Mon. 1/11/2021)
   Easter/Spring Break = 1 full week = Thurs. April 1st thru Wed. April 7th (classes resume Thurs. 4/8)

We only take off for "major" Holidays.   If there is no school, we still have dance!!  So YES there are dance classes on Energy Days, School Service Days, and sometimes even Snow Days!  We will communicate these days through Text Blasts and Push Notifications!


Costume Payments – Costume Deposit: $30.00 per each costume paid in November
*Costume price will include Tights, Individual/Group Costume Photo & Recital T-shirt
*If a dancer will not be in the recital, we need to know by Thanksgiving.

Costume Deposits Will be due October 19-23! 
~ $30/class is due for ALL dance classes.  (If for your dancer is not dancing in the recital, please email us by Thanksgiving Break.)
~ Combo classes (Kinderdance, Combo I, Combo II, Combo III, Ballet/Tap, Jazz/Funk, Ballet/Lyrical = just one $30 deposit.   *If you take, let's say Jazz/Funk AND Ballet/Lyrical that would be $60.) . You just pay $30 for every class you pay for!
~ This is just the deposit, the balance will be due in February ~ Balance is listed below (this does include tights and digital individual/group photo)
~ If you are signed up for auto-pay, this deposit will automatically come out of your account the 1st of the month! :) So no worries to you!
~Everyone else, cash or check made payable to: DANCE UNLIMITED and give to your dancer to hand to their teacher! Or put in our outside studio mailbox ~ 712 Conewango Ave.  

*Pre-K will do only one dance for Recital ~ a tap dance for Recital 
*Kinderdance will do only one dance for Recital ~ a Tap dance.
*Combo I does a Ballet & Tap dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Combo II does a Tap & Jazz dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Ballet/Tap I will do a Ballet & Tap dance for Recital <--one costume with 2 different skirts
*Combo III will do a Ballet, Tap, & Jazz dance for Recital <--one costume with 3 looks

The Costume Remainder Balance to be paid for each class dancer takes,
will be the following:                (if for some reason you did not pay a deposit, add $30 to below number)

  Costume Balance = $40.00/class (includes tights & digital individual/group photo, & recital T-shirt)  Due 1st week of February! 

All dancers will receive a Recital T-shirt.

~the balances will be due beginning the first week of February. Checks made payable to MDDU

If these payments cannot be made at these times, you must phone me (726-2111) or email ([email protected]) and special arrangements can be made. No child will receive her/his costume until payment is paid in full. If a parent does not want their child in the recital, you must tell me by Nov. 21st before Thanksgiving Break. Once a costume is ordered, you are obligated to pay for it. Costumes cannot be returned to the manufacturer!


Dance Pictures will happen during regular class week of:  April 12, 13, 14, 15  (it is the week after Easter Break ~ so please mark your calendars! We'd hate for anyone to miss!) . Dancer comes in during regular class time, dancers only in the picture room (no parents) 

NEW *We will not be hiring outside people this year to take dance photos, we will take all pictures in-house (to help with safety measures) on a pure white background with professional quality look/editing.  The price for an Individual & Group photo ($5.00) has been added to your COSTUME BALANCE total ~ you will be sent a digital website link to download your photo(s) and print however you want.
Button photos will be available at an extra cost, of $5.00 each, and can be ordered on picture day. (Photo Buttons is a fundraiser for the Dance Company.)

~ We will pose and take individual, group, buttons, etc.  Individual/Group pictures are part of costume price, Buttons will be extra
~ More info WILL go home about this ~ we just want you to be aware of the DATES!!  Week of:  April 12th!!!



DANCE RECITAL ~ 37th Annual. This year's theme "Keep Calm & Dance On". 

Please see our RECITAL 2021 TAB of this website for lots more information!

Each dancer went home with a Yellow Recital BROCHURE the first week of March. It is NEW setup for our 2021 year. NEW Location.
 Please read the brochure carefully!  The brochure is pictured above
, click on it for a pdf. Thank you!

Click on picture for pdf