Welcome to the Maple Bluff Muskies Swim & Dive Team, where every summer is an unforgettable mix of fun, friendship, and community, set to the backdrop of beautiful Lake Mendota! As a proud part of the Maple Bluff Country Club and the heartwarming Village of Maple Bluff, we're all about embracing the joy of the season in true Muskies style.

A Legacy of Fun and Excellence: As founding members of the All City Swim & Dive League since 1962, our team is steeped in tradition. Here, amid the scenic views of Lake Mendota, lifelong friendships are forged, and the thrill of competition meets the warmth of summer fun.

More Than Just a Swim Team: The Muskies are synonymous with excitement and adventure. From our beloved Float & Float events to memorable campouts on the driving range, every activity is infused with laughter and camaraderie. But it's not just about the water – it's about creating moments that last a lifetime, both in and out of the pool.

Dancing to Our Own Beat: And let's not forget our team anthem, "I Don't Like It, I Love It"! Just like the song, our team is all about turning up the fun and embracing every moment. Whether we're celebrating a win or just enjoying a sunny day, you'll find us dancing with joy and energy that's contagious!

Making a Splash with Heart: Our commitment to the community shines through our support for the Second Harvest Food Bank and other service projects. We believe in swimming with purpose, diving with heart, and giving back with passion.

Join the Muskies Magic: At the Maple Bluff Muskies, every dive into the pool is an adventure, and every race is a chance to make new friends. Here, you're part of a family that loves the fun, values community, and dances through summer with a spirit that's simply irresistible. Dive in and experience the Muskies way – where every day is a reason to say, "I don't like it, I love it!"