Second Harvest Food & Fund Drive

The Maple Bluff Muskies Swim & Dive Team, as an enthusiastic member of the All City Swim and Dive League, takes immense pride in our collective efforts to support Second Harvest Food Bank. This partnership, existing at the league level, embodies our commitment to community service and stands as a shining example of how teamwork extends beyond the pool. Throughout the league, teams including the Muskies come together to organize and participate in a variety of successful fundraisers, channeling the competitive spirit of our swimmers and divers into meaningful action for Second Harvest. These events not only foster a sense of unity among the teams but also amplify our impact in the fight against hunger. Our swimmers, coaches, and families engage wholeheartedly in these initiatives, demonstrating a shared dedication to the cause. From swim-a-thons to charity meets, every event is an opportunity for us to contribute significantly to Second Harvest Food Bank, making a real difference in our community. Being part of the All City Swim and Dive League's partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank is a source of great pride for the Muskies. It reflects our belief in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Together, we are not just competitors in the pool; we are allies in the mission to alleviate hunger, proving that our league's impact can ripple far beyond the water's edge.