Makenzie Wallace Makenzie Wallace: Head Coach

Hi! My name is Makenzie Wallace and I will be the head coach at Maple Bluff this summer! This upcoming summer will be my third year as a member of the coaching staff, and I am looking forward to another fun summer at the bluff. Currently, I attend the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse where I am majoring in Exercise Sports Science Pre-Physical Therapy and minoring in Nutrition. I am also a member of the swim team at La Crosse and will be a captain in the upcoming season. My favorite events to swim are IM or breaststroke, my favorite events at college are the 200 breast and 100 IM. My favorite pool game is dibble-dabble, which was a very popular game at Maple Bluff when I was a member of the team. My all time favorite All City memory is when Maple Bluff hosted All City. Additionally, my brother and fellow coach Nolan Wallace both won our individual breaststroke events back to back which was pretty cool! Some of my hobbies outside of the pool include reading, running, and spending time with my family and friends. At Maple Bluff, I am also involved in swim lessons and lifeguarding so you will most likely see me around the pool often!

Nolan Wallace Nolan Wallace: Director of Swimmer Development

Hey everyone, Coach Nolan here. This summer will be my 4th summer coaching the Muskies. I am a freshman at Eastern Illinois University where I study construction management and swim. Of all the team events that we do during the summer are the Musky Olympics and any of the meets of course. My favorite game at the pool is of course sharks and minnows. Obviously, I am at the pool all the time, but when I am not there you can find me either working out or playing cards with my buddies. I am super excited to be back for another summer with you guys. Roll Muskies!

Jaxon Vandenbrook Jaxon Vandenbrook, Assistant Coach

Hi, I'm Jaxon! I'm eighteen years old and planning to attend the University of Wisconsin - Madison next summer. My favorite swim team event is the Muskie Olympics, and my favorite game to play is Sharks and Minos. Outside of the pool, I enjoy golfing and being with my friends. I've been swimming for the past 14 years, and am a breaststroker at heart. My favorite All City memory is winning the 100 fly. I look forward to coaching and guarding this summer!

Phoebe Duff Phoebe Duff, Assistant Coach

Hi Muskie families! My name is Phoebe Duff and I am beyond excited to coach at Maple Bluff this summer! I am 17 years old and currently finishing up my junior year at Waunakee High School. The pool has been a second home for me and this will be my 13th summer swimming with the Muskies! For the past two summers, I ran the water ballet program up at the club, and I'm really looking forward to this new chapter. The meets are my favorite part about the swim team. Whether at home or away, we always make it a good time for everybody. My favorite All-City memory was when we hosted the All-City meet back in 2017. I was 10 at the time, and I remember dropping 12 seconds off of my 100 IM simply because of all of the support I got from the coaches. I hope that I can provide that same support for all of the swimmers this season! This team is like a family and everyone involved in the program helps to solidify that title. I've grown with the development of the pool, the people, and the team overall, but the family aspect has never changed. I can't wait to see what this summer brings and I look forward to seeing you all at the pool!

Brady Michaels Brady Michaels, Assistant Coach

Hey all, I'm Brady Michaels. This is my third year coaching the muskies and I couldn't be more excited to start year 3. A little about me: I am a class of 2024 graduate from Waunakee High School and will be attending UW Madison next fall. I have been swimming for over 12 years to this point (8 for the muskies) and have a passion for the sport. Something's I'm excited about this summer are All-City and the Muskie Olympics (both as a coach and a swimmer). I love to play sharks and minnows when I'm at the pool and when I'm not I like to play golf. As a competitor my favorite event is the 100 backstroke and really any of the shorter distance events. My favorite Memory with the muskies was finding the love for the sport my first year with the muskies when we hosted the all mighty All-City. Besides being a coach you'll likely find me at the pool a lot either life guarding or teaching swim lessons. I'm pretty laid back as a coach and just try and spread the love for the sport. Let's have a great summer!

Sally Lien Sally Lien, Assistant Coach

Hello MBCC Swim Team and Families! I am Sally Lien and I am thrilled to say I am coaching the Muskies this summer! I have been on the team as a swimmer for about 13 years, and in the last two years, I have worked as a lifeguard and taken great pleasure in working in the place I spent sun up to sun down throughout my childhood. Over the years, my fondest memories have been spending time with the team at the Spaghetti dinner, as well as every week on Bagel Day after practice. Before the long awaited bagel, at the end of practices, my favorite games are Dibble Dabble with teammates of all ages and Sharks and Minnows. As a swimmer, since I was much younger, I have enjoyed swimming backstroke and freestyle, but also bettering myself in the strokes I wasn't always the most fond of. At the end of summers, culminating the swim season into the All City meets, I relish times of relaxing in the tent with teammates in between events or cheering on those in the water. I have loved every summer swimming for the Muskies, and I look forward to this summer and creating more memories with the one of a kind family of the MBCC Swim Team!

Audrey Masciopinto Audrey Masciopinto, Assistant Coach

My name is Audrey Masciopinto and I am super excited to return for my third year of coaching! I just finished up my Sophomore year at the University of Oregon where I swam on the club team, I also swam at Maple Bluff for 13 years before going to school. I love swimming, coaching and watching any event that has freestyle, especially the 50 and 200. When at the pool you can also find me playing the animal game or on the lifeguard stand, but outside of swimming I love to explore nature (I am studying Environmental Science) and read. My favorite all city memory was out 2017 home all city, it was such a blast to have that meet where I grew up swimming! This is going to be an awesome season of swimming!

Addison Rozmiarek Addison Rozmiarek, Junior Coach

Hi my name is Addison Rozmiarek! I am 16 years old and am finishing up my sophomore year at Edgewood High School. This will be my 9th year on the Muskies! My favorite game to play at the pool is dibble dabble and I am always up for a round! You can also see me around the pool lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons. When I’m not at the pool I love to travel, go boating, and hang out with friends. My favorite strokes are breaststroke and freestyle. My fondest All City memory is when we hosted in 2017 and jumping in the pool after with all the parents to celebrate. I am looking forward to creating more memories at this seasons Muskie Olympics and pasta dinner. I am beyond excited for the great summer ahead! Go Muskies!

Julia Dow Julia Dow, Junior Coach

Hi Muskie families! My name is Julia Dow and I will be a junior coach this summer! I am 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. I used to live in Maple Bluff, and I now live in Boston, MA during the year and come back to Maple Bluff during the summers. I have been swimming on the Muskies since I was 8. I love coming back to Maple Bluff every summer and being a part of the team. My favorite game at the pool is first one in last one in. I have always loved playing this game as it reminds me of my younger years on the team. I also love the Muskie Olympics, and am looking forward to those this summer! My favorite part of the season is All City, and my favorite all city memory was when Maple Bluff hosted all city in 2017. It was fun and exciting to see the pool transform and to have the big end of season event at our home pool. During the year, I also swim in the winter for my school. My favorite events are the 50 and 100 free. This summer I will also be lifeguarding as well as running the Water Ballet program. I’m looking forward to another great summer at Maple Bluff!