Who can swim on Maple Bluff Swim Team?


 Anyone! A swimmer may be no older than eighteen (prior to June 1) to participate.  There is no limit on how young a swimmer can be, however, we want young swimmers to be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards). Please ask a coach if you have questions about the requirements.  


What is the All-City league?

The All-City league is a summer swim league that has twelve members (including Maple Bluff).  The league has different rules than the USA Swimming Org. and holds an All-City swim meet at the end of the year that is among the largest in the Country.

Learn more at:   allcityswimdive.org


When is the swim season?

Swim/Dive season begins after Memorial Day Weekend and runs thru the end of July.


How are the practice groups divided up?

Swimmers are divided into 4 groups based on age.  One of the great things about the All-City League is the different skill levels among swimmers - as some swim year-round, and others are just testing the waters for the first time.  Ours is a team sport, built on improving within each age group, and as a whole.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the pool manager or head coach.


Should a swimmer do both swim team AND swim lessons?

We strongly encourage all of our swimmers to do lessons in addition to swim practices unless they have already been through each level.  While we work on technique at practice, lessons often provide extra help to those on the team.  This is a great way to help a young swimmer improve quickly.  The lesson instructors are great and the coaches will be teaching lessons this summer as well.  Private lessons may also be arranged with a guard, instructor, or coach of your choice by contacting them specifically or talking to one of the pool managers. 


What about the other activities and events?

 While this team works to improve our swimmer’s skills, we also want everyone to have a great time.  The All-City league is best known for community and fun, as well as the competition.  We strive to have a fun activity during each and every practice.   This is an important part of our swim/dive program, and we encourage your participation as much as possible.


Communication is extremely important.  You will be emailed on a regular basis regarding the Summer swim/dive schedule and special events.  However, if you ever have a question- please ask!