Welcome! NAS Oceana is the home of the Man-O-Wars Swim Team. We are a competitive swim team in the Dolphin Division of the Virginia Beach Swim League (www.vbsl.net) and have approximately 250 swimmers ages 4-18. We are the only swim team in the league comprised of military dependents both active duty and retired as well as DoD personnel and we are proud of that! The swim team provides a great opportunity for kids of all swimming abilities to learn competitive swim, enjoy the summer, meet new friends and get regular exercise. Your child must be able to swim 15 meters unassisted to be able join the team. Eligibility swim will be scheduled for new swimmers. Participation in meets by all swimmers is expected, though there will be exceptions. We have 4 regular season meets followed by Divisionals and All Stars. To qualify for Divisionals you must participate in 2  VBSL regular season meets and be one of the 2 fastest swimmers in each event for our team.  Based on the Divisional time results, the top swimmers in the league go on to the All Star meet. Base access is required to join the team.
Communication is primarily via email and our team unify website. Each family is required to create a private account via TeamUnify – www.teamunify.com/recomow. Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your swimmer’s times, T-shirt size, and much more. At the entrance of the pool, we will have the lost and found and hanging file folders with ribbons. Please check the box weekly!
Team Reps 
Judi Christman
(757) 478-9936 [email protected]
  Jen Wyzewski (757) 395-0424  
Head Coach
James Fox
(757) 748-2264 [email protected]


Weather Policy
INCLEMENT WEATHER - All practice cancellations will be sent out by e-mail ASAP. Please check your e-mail frequently during questionable weather periods. Practice and swim meets take place even if it rains. However, any sign of lightning or thunder will clear the pool. The pool remains closed for 30 minutes following the last sign of thunder/lightning.
Team Gear:
  • Suit: Not required, but can be purchased online through TeamUnify or during registration.
  • Cap: We will have team caps to buy. VBSL has a rule that if you wear a cap it must display only their VBSL club affiliation. The swimmer’s cap cannot advertise another club outside of VBSL.
  • Goggles: Competition goggles are best.
  • Team Shirt: All registered swimmers will receive a team shirt. Parents and swimmers can also purchase t-shirts and tank tops through the team gear committee.
Swimmers are expected to attend at least 2 practices a week unless you have talked to Coach James.
Swim Team Practice Schedule:
School Session:    Day after Memorial Day through the last day of school (Virginia Beach City Public Schools)
OPEN to 11 yrs old and up
6 yrs old and under
7-8 yrs old
9-10 yrs old
OPEN to 11 yrs old and up
Monday -
Summer Session:  First day after last day of school to the end of the season
OPEN to 11 yrs old and up   
  6 yrs old and under
7-8 yrs old  
  9-10 yrs old
  OPEN to 11 yrs old and up
600 -6:45 p m
6:3 0 -7:30p m
7:15 -8:15 p m
8: 00-9:00 p m
Practice for
Divisionals  (week prior to Divisional Meet)
Swim Meet Information:
SWIM MEET SIGN-UPS – If you know your swimmer(s) will be participating in a meet(s) you must commit via your TeamUnify account. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that families SIGN IN, otherwise your swimmer(s) will not be allowed to participate in the meet. This can be done by selecting the Attend/Decline link found in the Meets and Events section (Home page) no later than the TUESDAY prior to each swim meet. No changes can be made after Thursday after 12pm for Saturday meets. If your child is sick the morning or night before a swim meet call and text Coach James ASAP.
Head Coach : James Fox   (757) 748-2264
  • 7:00 am ~ Swimmers report to the pool and check in with coaches
  • 7:15-7:30 am ~ Home team warm ups.
  • 7:30-7:45 am ~ Away team warm ups.
  • There are 69 events. Swimmers will swim a maximum of 3 individual events and 2 relays.
  • Each swimmer will receive a place ribbon or a participation ribbon.
  • A typical meet lasts approximately 4 hours
  • Get a good nights’ rest. Pack your swim bag on Friday night so that it is ready to go Saturday Morning.
  • Be sure to CHECK IN with the coaches.
  • CHEER for your teammates and show good sportsmanship at all times during the swim meet.
  • Swim your best! STAY in the water when you finish so you can shake hands with the swimmers in the lanes next to you.
  • Check your Team Unify account on Friday evening to see what events your swimmer will be competing in. Keep this information close by on Saturday Morning, but be prepared for possible changes.
  • If you have questions about what your child is swimming, please contact the head coach BEFORE Saturday morning.
  • Call the head coach and team reps ASAP if your swimmer becomes sick or cannot come to the meet for any reason.
  • Bring a sharpie pen to every meet to write your child’s events on them.
    • Events (E) Heat (H) Lane (L) Swim (S)
  • This is a competitive swim league and swimmers are expected to participate in at least 2 VBSL regular season meets or swimmer will be suspended from the team for a year.
  • Base access is required to join the team. Practices are held the Feet Wet Pool on the NAS Oceana Base.
  • Parents are required to keep their Team Unify account updated and accurate including your swimmer’s shirt sizes.
    • Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your swimmer’s times, and much more.
    • Please note that T-shirts are ordered based on the sizes entered into your Team Unify account at the beginning of the season and for the All Star T-shirts. Please ensure that this information is updated as needed because exchanges will not be permitted.

Volunteer Positions:
Referee (1 each half)
  • Has full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them on the governing rules of the VBSL and pertinent USA Swimming rules where they apply. $
Starter (1 each half)
  • Upon signal from the Referee, begins each event by notifying swimmers of the distance and event and starts each race.
  • Awards false start disqualifications as appropriate. $
Stroke Judge (1 each half)
  • Reports any violation of swimming style or turns for each event. $
Turn Judge (2 each half)
  • Reports any violations of turning, finishing, or false starts on relay take-offs to the Referee. $
Head Timer (1 each half)
  • Coordinates timers and has back up stopwatch. Timer (9 each half)
    • Verifies the simmers name on the time card or lane sheet before each event
    • Records the times of each swimmer. ZOO (4 each half) (10 & under swimmers only)
    • The clerk of course is provided a list of the names of all swimmers in all events.
    • Assembles swimmers for each event. Runner (2 each half)
  • Delivers DQ slips from stroke and turn judges to the Time Scorer at the conclusions of each event.
Computer/Time Scorer (2 each half)
  • Enters the time for each swimmer into the meet manager software
  • After each event gives time cards and printed event sheet to Averager.
  • Verifies swimmers times from timer sheets and computer print out Concession /workers
Water Server (1 each half))  
Set up/ Clean up (4 per meet)
Means must have training prior to signing up.
Volunteer Support:
Team Reps:  Judi Christman and Jen Wyzewski  oceanama[email protected]
Treasurer:  Lauren Hughes  [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator:  Christine Rakov [email protected]
Team Gear:  
Fees: What does your swim team registration money go to?
We have some of the lowest registration fees in the league, and we are able to maintain this because of our family’s contribution through time and donations.
Coaches’ salaries
Team Equipment
Liability insurance
VBSL registration
Administrative items
Ice Cream Social
Team T-shirt
Pool rental
End of Season Party
Time Trials:  This is a “practice meet” held prior to the first meet. The coaches use these times to assist in making entries for the meet. Time Trials is a great way for parents learn the different jobs in a meet as well as give new swimmers a chance to see how an actual swim meet will be run. The kids will swim all strokes in this meet.
Pool Rules:
  • No one is to use the kiddie pool unless a lifeguard is posted. Donations for the lifeguard will be collected by Kelli Rooks.
  • All pool rules must be obeyed during all practices.
  • No playing in or use of the cabanas.
  • No one behind the water park desk area.
  • Pick up trash.
  • Return chairs and lounges to how you found them.
  • Please close umbrellas.
  • Please monitor any children who are not currently in practice.
  • We have to answer to MWR if the pool is not left exactly as we found it. Please assist us in leaving the pool up to ‘military standards’ each night. Remember this is a reflection of our team.
  • Thank You!!
Volunteer Requirements:
When a child joins a swim team, so do the parents! This sport requires parents to be participants, not just spectators. Swim meets are very labor intensive and simply can’t be run without the majority of parents assisting at some stage of the meet. We are all volunteers!
Some jobs take only a few minutes; others require attendance at training clinics.
Each family is required to volunteer for 5 shifts (1/2 meet – 1 shift). Below is a list of volunteer opportunities that you may choose from. Please consider becoming a stroke and turn judge if at all possible. We are always shorthanded and this season 1 shift as stroke and turn judge will count as 2 service hours.
Each family that meets the required 5 service hours will have access to early registration via Team Unify for the next swim season.
Registration will not be open to returning families not meeting the required service hours until after New Swimmer registration closes. 
Coaches meals are also an opportunity to earn  one service hour.  Please note that we still need your support on the pool deck during meets so one service hour is the maximum a family can receive for their meal  donation.  
Buddy Program
During the 2015 swim season, Grace Moreno (now Coach Grace), brought the swim buddies program to our team to matched younger, less experienced swimmers with older, more experienced swimmers. She recalled from when she had a buddy at 6 years old that knowing “my buddy” would be at the pool that day to cheer me on and knowing I had to be there to yell for them at their race made the whole summer experience bigger than just about me. (Grace also looked forward to the goodie bag, that usually included a donut, that her buddy brought over to her before warm-ups.) Oceana Man-O-Wars is known throughout the league for our outstanding sportsmanship and team spirit because of programs like this.  This program is an amazing resource for families new to swimming because their swimmer will have someone showing them the ropes along the way.  


As a buddy you can:

* Get to know your buddy/buddies! 

* Show him or her how to write events on their arm, help them get their caps on and answer any questions that they have. 

* Encouragement each other! This includes bringing a note/card for encouragement, high fives before and after their races, or maybe just a snack at the meet. The point is, be creative and show your buddy you care!