The mighty Man O Wars are a competitive summer league team based at Naval Air Station Oceana as part of the VBSL (  Base access is required to join the team.  Please note that swim team participation does not warrant base access.     

Please familiar yourself with our website. Our TeamUnify website will provide the answers to most questions and is updated more frequently as the season approaches.

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Grace& Khamani Skydiving fundraiser

Skydiving fundraiser for the Dalton Fox Foundation: As many of you know, 12yr old Dalton Fox was our Head Coach James’s nephew. Dalton lost...

By Oceana Man-O- Wars Swim Team

Coaches Meals...Take Them a Meal

We have given some thought on how we can increase our community team involvement. Let's take care of our coaches by bringing them a...

By Oceana Man-O- Wars Swim Team

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