Volunteer Positions:


Referee (1 each half) *

  • Has full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them on the governing rules of the VBSL and pertinent USA Swimming rules where they apply.

Starter (1 each half) *

  • Upon signal from the Referee, begins each event by notifying swimmers of the distance and event and starts each race.
  • Awards false start disqualifications as appropriate. 

Stroke Judge (1 each half) *

  • Reports any violation of swimming style or turns for each event. 

Turn Judge (2 each half) *

  • Reports any violations of turning, finishing, or false starts on relay take-offs to the Referee.

Head Timer (1 each half)

  • Coordinates timers and has back up stopwatch.

Timer (9 each half)

  • Verifies the swimmers name on the time card or lane sheet before each event
  • Records the times of each swimmer.

ZOO (4 each half) (10 & under swimmers only)

  • The clerk of course is provided a list of the names of all swimmers in all events.
  • Assembles swimmers for each event.

Runner (2 each half)

  • Delivers DQ slips from stroke and turn judges to the Time Scorer at the conclusions of each event.

Computer/Time Scorer (2 each half)

  • Enters the time for each swimmer into the meet manager software
  • After each event gives time cards and printed event sheet to Averager.
  • Verifies swimmers times from timer sheets and computer print out

Swimmer Check-in

  • Check in swimmers as they arrive.

Water Server (1 each half)

Concession /workers 

Set up/ Clean up (4 per meet)


 Indicates these positions require training prior to signing up.  There will be several opportunities to attend a training session prior to the start of the season.  Attendance at the training session fulfills one volunteer/service hour.  There will also be an opportunity to participate in an online training session.  The Swim Team Reps can provide details.