Things you should know for 2024


Swim Team Registration

Family Work Requirement

As a member of the swim/dive team, each family is required to work meets as designated below or pay $25 for each meet/session not worked. Woodhaven has a strong reputation for running smooth swim/dive meets and these meets take a lot of workers to be successful. Therefore, we really do not want your $25; we want your involvement at meets. We literally cannot run a meet without everyone’s help. This year, the family work requirement for swim team families is THREE meets/sessions. If your family only has 6 and under swimmer(s), your requirement is to work one meet/session. Dive team families will have to work one meet/session plus at least one session at the SSA championships (if their child participates). We will need workers for home meets, away meets, and SSA championships. If the meet is rained out and rescheduled, you are responsible for working the rescheduled meet. Failure to meet the family work requirement will result in your child not being allowed to be on the swim/dive team in subsequent years until all obligations have been filled. Work requirements only apply to the meets. Anything else that is planned (bagel breakfast, ice cream social, etc) will be done strictly on a volunteer basis. Unfortunately, if we do not receive volunteers for these functions, we will not have them.

We also understand that some of our swimmers do not participate in meets, because of various reasons. If this is your families desire on the team please come and see me so that we may work out an alternate volunteer plan.

In order for your swim/dive team registration to be accepted, agree to the family work requirement

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be granted after Monday, June 10, 2024.

Price: $80.00


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank you for your commitment to make the team the best it can be!

Your Faithful Volunteer Swim Coordinatoor, 

Courtney Rathweg