Woodhaven Volunteer Job Descriptions

Every family is responsible to volunteer for 3 positions over the season. If you have only 1 child in the 6 and unders you are only responsible for 1 volunteer commitment. You will be charged $25 for every commitment not fulfilled. 



-Fill cups with water and drinks and passing them around to officials, timers, lane parents, etc. throughout the entire meet.

-Supplies located in swim office


-Pick up timing slips from all timers every three (3) events and drop off at swim office to be entered into computer throughout meet.

-Pick up any disqualification (DQ) slips from officials (wearing white shirts) and drop off at swim office.

Head Timer

-Ask office for list of detailed instructions.


-Attend timer meeting before meet begins to receive timer and instructions.

-Time each heat and communicate results to person recording times.

-There will be 2 timers per lane.

Grill Helper

-Assist as needed with grill duties such as serving food, replenishing supplies, etc.

Grill Cashier

-Collects payment for grill items

-Return cash box to office when complete.

Walking Taco Server

-Serve walking tacos ans condiments 

Lane Parent

-Line up swimmers in advance of events.

-Ensure they are aware of what stroke they are to swim.

-Ensure they are ready and getting on the block for their race.


-You must be trained and familiar with Meet Manager

-Entering all swimmers times into Meet Manager during home meets


-Works hand in hand with Computer person during home meets reading off times of each swimmer.


-Have confidence in all swimming strokes. 

-Watch brief officals training video that is provided under swim team tab

-Complete a quick quize on what you learned in the video.

-Attend officials meeting before meet begins.

Bake Sale

-Sell bake sale items.

-Collect money for bake sale items.

-Return cash box when complete.

Away Meet Ribbons

-Collect ribbons day after meet in swim office.

-Sort and file ribbons by family in ribbon box.

-Job must be completed by 10:00 A.M.

Home Meet Ribbons

-Collect ribbon labels from computer volunteer and attach labels to ribbons.

-Sort away ribbons and separate by club for each club to take at the end of the meet. This must be done the night of the meet!

Parking Lot Attendant

-Assist with directing cars in parking lot. 

-Must br at Meet by 5:00pm