Over the years, it has become apparent that most families’ life styles are fully committed to work, children, school events and extracurricular activities. In order to provide a top-notch swim program, reward our experienced coaching staff with good wages, and, at the same time keep our monthly swim fees reasonable, we need to raise funds. Our annual fundraiser is the "Hour of Power". Additionally, H2A will host four swim meets at the Island Rec Center.


Our goal is to provide the team with necessary monies to meet budgetary needs meanwhile keeping family participation reasonable. Because our annual swim dues do not equal our annual expenses, we must supplement the swim dues with fundraising monies. The fundraising monies help pay for pool lane rental, team equipment, a portion of our coaches’ salaries, meet travel expenses, and all administrative costs.  There is so much we can do and more for our swimmers by fundraising.


Family fundraising minimums for the 2022-2023 season are stated below.  These minimums do not add up to the budgeted totals or to our goal of $25,000 so we grately appreciate it if all of our team members who go above and beyond.   


In addition to the fundraising events listed above, we invite families to sign on a Team Corporate Sponsor. We have 3 corporate sponsor levels. 




Revenue from fund raising, corporate sponsorships and swim meets constitutes a significant part of the H2A operating budget. All swimmers are required to participate in our annual fundraiser – the Hour of Power. 


The minimum pledge for the 2022 - 2023 season for all Bronze, Silver, Gold and Senior swim families is $300, and Pre-Team swimmer only families are asked to contribute amounts equal to their family’s ability. You may satisfy your minimum by raising $300 for the Hour of Power fundraiser inclusive of any monies raised for corporate sponsor memberships. Monies not raised at the completion of the Hour of Power will be billed on November 30, 2022.


Pledges, corporate sponsorships and fund raising amounts received by H2A qualify as charitable contributions and are deductible on your appropriate tax forms. (Please review the information on the Corporate Sponsorship tab for additional information and guidance.) The Board would like to stress that although we are asking for a $300 pledge, we welcome any additional fundraising assistance to help fund additional program needs. These are fundraising minimum amounts only. 

To accommodate mid-year registrations or swimmer advancement dated after December, the Board agrees to pro-rate your minimum fundraising pledge. Please contact the Team Treasurer for additional guidance regarding your fundraising pledge for mid-year registrants.