Financial Aid

Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) Outreach & Financial Assistance Programs



  • Reduced USA Swimming Membership fees ($7.00) via SWIMS hub.
  • Entry fee Reimbursement for individual events at AMS Sanctioned and approved meets only. (Observed meets; and relays, surcharges and “no-show” events are not eligible for reimbursement. Deck entries will only be paid in the amount of actual entry fee)
  • Application fee, not to exceed $150.00  in one AMS sponsored camp that the athlete is eligible for and has been selected.



  • Please register for the 2024 season using the OUTREACH selection within your club’s registration link (Steel City USA Swimming Registration Link --> Unattached athletes should do the same using the Unattached Athlete registration link.
  • You will be required to pay the $7.00 fee when registering for the 2024 membership year.
  • You must then provide the Outreach Application to AMS and provide required backup documentation for review and approval.
  • This application must be submitted within 10 days of the on-line membership application. You will not be eligible for Outreach benefits until your application has been approved by AMS.
  • AMS will notify you and your club once the application has been approved or will ask for more information should it be required.
  • Once you have been approved, your club should provide upfront funding for AMS Sanctioned swim meets and can then submit for club reimbursement from AMS. 



Am I eligible for reduced meet entry fees? 
If you qualify for the AMS Outreach Program, than Yes.  AMS will waive individual event entry fees for AMS sanctioned meets, for qualified outreach program members.  Meet fees are typically $5/event at a meet.  Families will still be charged for the athlete surcharges where applicable (usually $5 for the meet and usually $2/relay event).  Meet fees will automatically charge to member accounts.  Steel City Aquatics will credit the appropriate individual meet fees back to your account when this occurs, and the club will submit for the meet fee reimbursement from AMS. 
Am I eligible for any other assistance programs?
We have financial assistance opportunities for families that qualify for the outreach program that may be able to assist with obtaining our TYR team swim suits (limited supply). TYR will help us to sponsor families that qualify for the outreach program (*while supplies last). E-mail
[email protected] for more information on the TYR financial support information. 
Who is eligible for the Steel City Financial Assistance Scholarship Program? 
Steel City Aquatics has financial assistance scholarship programs that are offered annually on a limited basis.  Each of our scholarship programs have specific criteria that are required in order to be considered for the annual scholarship recipients.  All applicants will be reviewed and approved by the active Board of Directors.  All recipients must remain in good standing with the club for the year, and participate in all fundraising and volunteering requirements for the club.  
How do I get started? 
Please print out and complete the requirements in the applicable Steel City Aquatics financial aid application that is linked below, and e-mail in the necessary forms to [email protected] &
[email protected]Once your application and all financial forms are in, the Board of Directors will review for approval.  All of the  scholarships are awarded in October and are for annual membership through July.  All scholarship forms and applications need received no later than September 15th.

Financially Distressed Athlete Scholarship Application

High School Student Athlete Scholarship Application