SHIVER is the Washington Y family advisory committee.  The organization’s name stands for “Swimming Hard And Raising Kids Strong.”  Furthermore, a “shiver” is the name for a group of sharks.  So, Water Sharks SHIVER’s mission is to provide support to the Washington Water Sharks Swim Team and to coordinate the volunteer activities of swimmers’ families.  Shiver will encourage sportsmanship, social participation and etiquette among participants, members and families in addition to supporting the Washington YMCA mission. 

If you have a swimmer, you are a member of Shiver!  Many opportunities exist to help a little or to help a lot.  It’s a great way to meet other swim families and get involved in your child’s swim team experience.  These are the areas that SHIVER assists with swim team.

We are looking to build our team to help better support our swimmers. We are so excited to get parents of some of our younger swimmers involved in Shiver!  

SHIVER Members: 

Please contact any of our Shiver committee members if you have any questions about swim team or about Shiver.