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USA Swimming has released its first-ever Spanish version of its Swim Essentials instructional video series. The videos provide basic teaching techniques for the four main strokes and starts and turns to help coaches in their athlete development.


The videos show new and experienced age group coaches the basic stroke, drill and skill progressions to use with their swimmers. Coaches can learn from actual practice situations and study the cues to help swimmers master the essentials of the sport. Coaches can use these for staff education sessions and athlete instruction.


“Adding Swimming Essentials in Spanish is a tool we know the community of Spanish-speaking coaches and teams will find valuable,” said  Juan Caraveo, USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. “We look forward to the video’s impact on the professional development of Spanish-speaking coaches, which in turn will raise the level of swimming performance by their athletes.”
Jesse Vassallo, U.S. Olympic swimmer and Head Age Group Coach for Fort Lauderdale Aquatics, narrates the Swim Essentials in Spanish. Vassallo was a member of both the 1980 (boycotted) and 1984 US Olympic Team and in 1997, was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.


“I truly believe that everyone should learn to swim and there is no other sport like competitive swimming,” said Vassallo. “The educational tools that USA Swimming provides build exceptional character.”


Included is a special feature by  Ileana Lochte, mother of 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Ileana was born in Cuba and grew up in Long Beach, NY, where she joined the local swim team and was a lifeguard at the state park. She recalls how language barriers affected swim knowledge and increased the fear of water for many who did not speak English.


“Swim Essentials being released in Spanish is significant because it goes back to the basics by focusing on the importance of reaching out to all,” Said Ileana. “It’s about educating in a manner where people can clearly understand and what better way to do that than to put the materials in their own language.”


Additional features include: 
• Bonus footage for drill and stroke progressions for all four competitive strokes
• Basic progressions and instruction for competitive starts and turns
• Real age group athletes
• Incredible underwater footage
• Live coaching during real practices
• Multiple camera angles for all strokes and drills


The Swim Essentials video series in Spanish can be found here.