The Montrose Marlins Swim Club requires that all families sign the financial policy during the annual registration period.


The financial terms and conditions are as follows:

1. The yearly Colorado Swimming, Inc. (CSI) fee is non-refundable and must be paid prior to the swimmer entering the water.  There are two options for registering:  yearly and summer season only.  The CSI fee for year-round participation is $60. The CSI fee for summer registration is $34.

Please note that if you qualify for free and reduced lunch, your csi reduced fee is $5. To qualify, a copy of the free and reduced lunch eligibility letter must be provided.

2. You will be billed monthly dues based on which group your swimmer is in.  These monthly dues are billed a month in advance (example: May dues are due May 1st), and go to pay our coaches’ salaries.  The fees have been calculated taking into account breaks for Christmas, spring break, etc.  Therefore, you pay every month, even when your child(ren) may not be in the water. These fees are not prorated.  The groups and fees are subject to change, but currently are as follows:

3. Swimmers must pay the Montrose Rec District to swim at the pool.  We do not pay the pool rent for our practice time – the cost is covered by our entrance fees.  Whether you chose to pay by the day, purchase a punch card, or purchase a membership, swimmers must pay for use of the pool. We recommend a family pass, a youth pass, or a punch pass- it will save you money!

4. The Marlins have an annual registration fee of $100 for year-round swimmers. This money helps defray costs for equipment that the monthly fees do not cover.

5. The Marlins is a parent-run swim team.  This means we depend on parents for support, both financial and personal.  Parents are expected to help out at our home swim meets, by bringing food items, and also by working at the meet.  We have traditionally had wonderful help from all our parents, which results in professionally run meets which draw teams from all over Colorado.

6. We are competitive swim team.  Once your coach indicates that your swimmer is ready, we require that your swimmer compete in at least four meets during the summer season, and at least three during the rest of the season.    The fees for the meets are in addition to other fees.   The meet fees must be paid online when you sign up for the meet.

7.  Overdue accounts - The Marlins expect payment within 30 days of invoicing. We are a private non-profit organization and are responsible for coach’s salaries, travel expenses, equipment purchases, and many other items to run the team. Effective January 1, 2013, if your family invoice includes any amount past 60 days, your swimmer(s) will not be allowed into the pool until the balance is paid. If this situation occurs you and your child(ren)’s coach(es) will be notified.