Parental Responsibilities

The Marlins is a parent-run team.  This means that besides fees and fund-raising and getting your kids to practice on time, there are other  parental responsibilities as well.  We need everyone’s help to keep the team healthy and vital.  The following is a list of some of the things we ask of our parents:
  • Volunteering to work 2 sessions at our home meets in July and November
  • Donating 2 food items for both meets
  • Volunteering at the Western Slope Championship meets 
  • The money collected at this meet goes entirely into a support fund for the entire Western Slope.  Since the hosting team does not get to keep any of the money, all attending teams are required to help with the chores that go along with putting on a meet.  Therefore, if your child attends this meet, you will be asked to help out.
  • Timing at away meets
  • Many teams do not have enough parent volunteers to cover all necessary tasks at their home meets.  For that reason all the teams depend on each other to help with timing.  We ask that you do occasionally volunteer to time at away meets.

Photo Credit Northwest Branch Pool